Met Ball 2013: Elizabeth Banks' Sculptural Ponytail

Recreate this sleek and ultra-stylish look.
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The look:

A sleek, straight ponytail secured to the nape of the neck.

The inspiration:

“Elizabeth wore an amazing Versace gold chain dress with a custom pair of Brian Atwood shoes (her date). With the drama of the outfit, we didn’t want her hair to be too insane, so we tried to downplay it a little bit, but keep the punk effect. We came up with a cool, sleek ponytail that had a sculptural effect when fused to the head with barrettes in the back."—celebrity hairstylist Matthew Monzon for Davines.

The how-to:

1. Spray a generous amount of a heat-protecting product (such as Davines Melu Shield) onto damp hair.

2. Follow by raking a healthy amount of mousse (such as Davines For Wizards No 3 Universal Mattering Mousse) throughout the hair, along with a few pumps of hair oil (try Davines OI/OIL) on the ends.

3. Blow-dry with a big paddle brush to maintain the sleek straightness, avoiding any “bend.”

4. Create a sleek, slightly square shape in the front. Once the squareness is established, pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head. Do this by first focusing on pulling hair from the nape, then the sides, and lastly the top.

5. Secure with a bungee band and take a 1/4 inch of hair and wrap it around to hide the band.

6. Use three 2 1/2 inch Goody barrettes and secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck to create a strong, structural shape.

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