The Best Beauty Inspiration at the 2013 Cannes Opening Ceremony

Nicole Kidman, Carey Mulligan and more.
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Remember how Diane Kruger was the one to watch at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012? Well, get ready for the same thing to go down this year, except substitute Diane with Nicole Kidman instead. That's because Nicole, like Diane before her, is a member of the 2013 Cannes jury—and so we're about to be treated to a boatload (yachtload?) of red carpet gorgeousness. Starting with this week's opening ceremonies. 

Also there and ready to impress were Carey Mulligan, Cara Delivingne and a whole bunch more celebs... here's the top 10: 

Nicole Kidman

Wow! Are you as blown away as I am? I feel like this has to be one of her best showings in a long time—maybe it even belongs in a lifetime hall of fame. The pink lips, the radiant skin, the fuller brows, the incredible sculptural ponytail...

Super cool. And can you even imagine the hours of prep time this all required? (I'm talking dermatologically... not just about the hairstyling.) Anyway, whatever she's doing these days, I'm good with it. Nobody brings class and poise to a red carpet like Kidman.

Carey Mulligan

Did you realize Carey's hair was this long? Me neither! Not sure why she's been hiding it for the entire Gatsby promo tour, because it looks fantastic—especially the way it's been styled with a centre part and then tucked behind the ears as seems to be the trend lately. (But I still love her with short hair too... she's one of the few who completely, 100 percent pulls off short.)

Obviously the focal point is the lipstick, and look how it's been applied with a brush to get those pointy angles on the cupid's bow. Maybe something to consider for the next time you want to be super-duper dressed up. I've also got word on the shade. It's Jungle Red from NARS, in a lip liner and a lipstick:

NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red, C$30.00/US$25.00; click here to learn more and purchase.

It's a classic!

Cara Delevingne

Cara broke the beauty "rule" about how you're not supposed to play up eyes and lips. But she's only the world's hottest model right now so she's allowed to do it—and she totally pulls it off. Just not sure if us non-model types could do these smoky eyes and shiny brick red lips without looking like rejects from the '80s. The matching nails are a great touch too.

Of course, my favourite thing about Cara is her eyebrows and here they are again, looking INSANE. Look at that fan! I die.

Lana Del Rey

Now here's something else that's different. Instead of her usual style of cat's eye liner, Lana's done the new thing–which is to extend the liner diagonally from the bottom lash line instead of the top. Then she also deepened the creases of her lids with a lighter, brown-coloured shadow and extended that line to meet it. Plus gold shadow on the lids. Cool, right? It gives the eyes sort of an Egyptian, Cleopatra look.

Georgia May Jagger

Another celeb, another simple and stunning red lip that's been applied with a brush for the ultimate precision. (She doesn't even need blush with this. Just lashes.)

The shade is Big Bang Red 004 from a new Rimmel London range called Apocalips Lip Lacquer. (Apocalips! Best. Name. Ever.)

I haven't seen this range in person or in stores yet, but let me know if you have! Oh, and for a lip look this bold you'll want to follow Janelle's tips for making it last all night (or day).

Julianne Moore

Nothing groundbreaking about Julianne's hair here (it's her go-to loose style), but her eye makeup is new. Usually, she goes for a much cleaner eye, but I love this top-lash line-only look. It's only very slightly winged out at the edges—it's more about the thickness of the line itself. Much, much thicker than normal liner.

I want to try it! Seems like it'd be way easier than having to do the flicking action.

Isla Fisher

Another red carpet redhead, and I don't really have anything to say here except that Isla has great hair. That is all.

Paz Vega

I do believe this is Paz's BEAUTY EDITOR debut. Not sure why, because there's plenty going on for us to talk about here. Makeup-wise, that peachy lip is super-pretty with her skin tone, dress and hair colour—and I like how she's only used lashes and a hint of liner to emphasize her eyes. With her strong brows, she really doesn't need anything more. Hair's interesting too, because the waves cascade into a reddish Ombré. Top marks!

Solange Knowles

Solange's dress may have been a bit bizarre, and I'm not so sure about the earrings—hey, odd fashion choices run in the family—but those lips! Orange really, really suits her. The rest of her makeup's very pretty, too, and it's nice to see a curly-haired celeb rocking her natural texture. (I didn't think it worked so well for the Met Ball's punk theme, but otherwise YES.)

Cindy Crawford

Still pretty hot at age 47! I like that Cindy hasn't mucked up her face—probably she's had Botox and some fillers in her cheeks, but it's nothing crazy. She's held on to her beauty signatures: softly waved hair, nude lips and smoked-out eyes. When something works that well, you keep it.

Tell me:

Who were YOUR faves from Cannes opening night?

Are you dying over all these amazing lip colours?—red! pink! orange!

Which of these looks would you try in real life?

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