Emma Watson is Rocking a Cute Little Faux Bob

Plus visible bobby pins.
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What a coincidence! Just yesterday I mistakenly identified Rachel Bilson's ultra-loose braid for a faux bob (that was before you super-sleuth readers alerted me!), and now not 24 hours later we have a real, legit one on Emma Watson. Coolness.

Here's the side view just to be sure:

If you look closely, you'll spot a bobby pin behind her ear holding her hair back so it's nice and sleek. And all the faux bob work is neatly pinned underneath, so we don't even see it.

Here's the other side:

That profile! My goodness, she's beautiful. On this side, her hair—which was parted deep on the other side—is held back with another bobby pin, but this one's deliberately visible. Something to think about the next time you do a side part, faux bob or not. Bobby pins aren't necessarily meant to be hidden anymore!

The whole thing adds up to a very sleek, almost architectural rolled-under hairstyle... where I thought Rachel Bilson was going yesterday, but way neater and less poufy.

Can I also just say I want this hair colour? It's the perfect red-but-not-red, you know what I mean? Plus, Emma always has the best flushed cheeks, another of my beauty obsessions. Paired with the bob, the berry lips and the super-coated eyelashes, the whole thing is perfection in my book.

Do you like this faux bob?

What do you think of the visible bobby pins?

Can we talk about her hair colour and makeup?

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