Sienna Miller Will Make You Fall In Love With the High Ponytail

A super-cute hair look, especially with bangs.

High ponytails: they're not just for cheerleaders.

Sienna Miller—whose post-baby beauty comeback I am thoroughly enjoying—wore a much more chic version yesterday at the screening of her newest film, Just Like a Woman:

(By the way, the description of the movie is: "A Chicago housewife runs off to Santa Fe to compete in a belly dancing competition." Take that for what you will.... personally, I'm more excited about the ponytail.)

It really IS a good high pony, don't you think? Not sure about you, but I tend to forget about this style—I'll throw my hair up like this when I'm around the house or whatever, but it's rarely my first choice when I'm doing my hair for evening. But now I'm rethinking that. Why not? High ponies get a bad rep, and I think it's time we changed that.

Why Sienna's pony works

There are a few reasons. One is that her hair is quite thick. Nothing looks worse than a sad, skinny ponytail. Look at the circumference here:

I'm guessing she probably has the help of some extensions to thicken up her locks (at least, that's what a few hairstylists have told me based on the picture here). If your hair isn't that way normally, you can bulk it up with dry shampoo and/or some strategic back-brushing. Seriously, don't underestimate this bulk-building step because if your ponytail is limp and scraggly-looking, it'll just look like you didn't bother. (Yep, styling the high pony is unfortunately more time-intensive than it appears.)

You'll also need to flat-iron your hair first if it's not naturally straight... but then rough it up so the texture isn't too smooth and perfect.

Speaking of which, another thing I like about this pony is the casualness. It doesn't look "done," but it's not too messy either. The hair is roughly scraped back, and then pulled a bit out of the elastic in order to loosen it up and add some height at the crown.

We also need to talk about the awesomeness of the bangs. I think they make every ponytail better because they frame the face. (And they work especially well with this texture—it wouldn't look nearly as good without them.)

Sienna's bangs are cut so that they're slightly longer on the sides and graze just below the eyebrows for maximum sexiness. (Sadly, this requires frequent bang trim visits as maintenance, but you should never be tempted to go shorter... it's all about keeping them just above eye level.) Notice, too, the longer pieces pulled out at the sides around the ears.

And you kinda need to see the full-body shot to appreciate my last point, which is that a high ponytail can look really good when you do the contrast thing and wear it with something really body-con below the neck. Casual hair, sexy dress.

With her hair down, this would've been just straight-up va-va-voom... whereas the ponytail gives it a bit of cuteness; a bit of an edge. It's much more Sienna to play it that way... along with a bare face, save for the liner and mascara.

SO copying this.

Do you like it too?

Or do you think this pony looks too casual?

Have you ever done the casual hair + sexy outfit combo?

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