Emma Watson Wears Red Lipstick With Bright Pink Blush

And it works, as she so beautifully demonstrates.

I might be a tiny bit obsessed with Emma Watson lately. (Could you tell?) She's promoting two movies right now—the comedy This Is the End, and here, the crime drama The Bling Ring—so that means we get double the red carpet beauty fun. We just talked about her hair the other day and now, BAM! This look's all about the makeup.

Actually, Emma's wearing one of my favourite makeup looks of all time here: the combo of a red lip with bright pink blush and long lashes. I'll never forget the first time I did this on myself (obviously ages and ages ago). I got into a cab and probably the guy was just a creeper, but after staring at me in the rearview mirror for a few seconds too long, he exclaimed, "You look just like a doll!"

Nothing like that had ever happened before, so I definitely attribute the makeup. (The only other times cabbies spontaneously have beauty discussions with me is when I wear Child. It's that good.)

Anyway, back to Emma. Let's take a closer look at her makeup job:

It really is a lot of blush... but at the same time, it's not screaming at me either. Everything is in balance—lips, eyes, cheeks—and then framed by those sick brows of hers.

How to make this work for you

Conceal ALL signs of redness. This is critical if you're going to wear so much in the red/pink family on your face. You simply can't have a blotchy complexion or ruddiness around your nose and nostrils, for example, or you're going to look like a giant tomato face. (By the way, concealing your nostrils anyway, every day, is a secret makeup trick that can work wonders. That redness is super-distracting no matter what else you're wearing.) You'll also want to take extra care in achieving the most flawless, luminous complexion possible. This would be a good time to try some subtle highlighter along the high planes of your face. (But not bronzer! The more pale and porcelain you are with this, the better.)

Make your eyes more about the lashes than anything else. With so much happening down below, your eyes should be pretty neutral. Usually, I do this look with just mascara (a REALLY good lengthening/volumizing mascara) and some shimmery cream shadow on the lids. You could add some definition like Emma with soft brown shadow and highlights at the inner corners.

Choose coordinating lip and blush shades. They don't have to be exactly the same—Emma's cheeks are more pink than her lips—but they definitely shouldn't clash. There was a bit of a thing a while back for wearing cool tones with warm, but I think here, since the cheeks and lips are both so strong, you should stay in the same season. So do pink cheeks with cherry reds or true reds on the lips... but not with orange-reds. Know what I mean? Or you could try coral cheeks and orangey lips... although those tones are farther away from the doll-like look we're going for with this.

Do your blush last. You could risk overdoing it if your cheek colour goes on before your lips (and even eyes). If you leave it 'til last, you'll know exactly how much to put on to keep it in balance with your other features.

Consider your blush placement. Personally, I do like my blush on my apples... but I have to recommend proceeding with caution there when using extra-bright blushes, because the danger is that when you stop smiling and your cheeks fall, your blush can be pretty darn close to your mouth. And you've got it—too much redness. I think this look works better when your blush is placed a little further out, but definitely stop before you get to the temples. Nobody blushes there, especially in bright pink!

BLEND! I feel like we've talked about this a ton lately, between my cream blush pro tip and Katrina's blending article. But seriously, if you're ever going to take the time to blend well, then this would be the time. Bright blush is simply less forgiving, so buff away any detectable edges until you get a result like Emma's, where it looks like the colour is seamlessly melted down into the skin.

Since I don't know the specific products Emma is wearing, I'll give a shout-out now to a couple of MY faves. For the red lips, I am still loyal to Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary. An absolutely beautiful red and the best texture of any lipstick I've tried. And for the cheeks, a great one to pair with red is the Lippy Girl Organic Mineral Blush in Wall Flower, a pink that walks the line between brightness and wearability. For lashes, stay tuned—I'm going to be writing about some new and awesome mascaras very soon!

Tell me:

Are you a fan of Emma's look here?

Would you try red lipstick with bright pink blush?

What are your favourite red lipsticks, pink blushes and mascaras right now? Inquiring minds want to know!

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