Do or Don't: Ashley Tisdale's Inner-Corner Eyeshadow

Did she take the whole highlighting thing a bit too far?

I'll never say never, but at this point it seems unlikely that Ashley Tisdale will ever be someone I'll look to for beauty inspiration. Oh, I know she's a very pretty girl—definitely "Boy Hot" to millions of red-blooded males. And after seeing her in this video, she definitely grew on me:

But beauty-wise, I just don't find her California look with the tanned skin, limp waves and semi-Ombré dye job that aspirational. Nor do I particularly want to copy her makeup—especially the look I just spotted today! Check this out and then tell me if you're seeing what I'm seeing:

Okay, not just the duck face. I'm talking about the highlighter! She's applied so much light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of her eyes that the area looks completely opaque and white. So much for the 'ol light trick that makeup pros always talk about to fake a wide-awake, brighter eye look. Applied with such a heavy hand, the concept of subtlety basically flies out the window!

Here is the (more disturbing) close-up visual:

It's just so OBVIOUS. And the rest of the eye-makeup application doesn't help. I feel like there's too much shimmer all over the lids, and she probably didn't need that waterline-lining in harsh black. Plus, the brown shadow could be a tad softer and more blended out.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the idea behind this was a mistake. A little highlighting, a little shading, a little shimmer—it can all be good if you know what you're doing.

Here's an example of it working well on Sarah Hyland:

I could do without the heavy false lashes, but otherwise I really love this makeup job. There is lightness around her inner corners, but it's not as opaque and metallic. It's also soft and well blended, and it extends in a curve right up to the brows so it's a lot more harmonious with the rest of the eye. The shading colour also stays below the crease, so it's not as obvious. And I love that she's kept things light and open by doing a bronzey metallic liner below the lower lashes instead of closing them up with black in the waterlines.

See what I mean? So you CAN still enjoy this makeup artist highlighting trick—you've just gotta use a light hand. Otherwise, it starts to become the 2013 equivalent of highlighting the browbone with white shadow. (Eeks! I hope nobody is still doing that. Please tell me you're not?)

Do you agree that Ashley took her inner-corner highlighting too far?

Or do you think she still looks pretty okay despite the heavy hand?

Do you do this trick too—and if so, what product/technique do you use?

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