OPI's Bond Girls Collection Features Liquid Sand Textures

They've turned into my latest obsession.

If you asked me a couple months ago what I thought about the Liquid Sand collections—the grainy, textured polish trend that's been going around thanks to OPI—I would've told you I hated it. They were just so not my thing. But I believe in second chances, so a second chance they got with OPI's recently released Bond Girls collection: six colours made up entirely of the gritty, glittery mash-up polish. And let's just say I've since had a change of heart.

Honey Rider

When I first saw Honey Ryder, I thought to myself, "What is this Christmas colour?!" Seriously, I did not think I would like it. But all of these polishes have a really magical way of transforming themselves into something cray cray on the nail—fo' real. This golden colour is not only perfect for the holidays (I cannot think about snow right now!), but it's also insanely gorgeous to wear just about always. It's not the tacky, annoying gold that everyone hates; rather, it's a muted gold that would look good on all kinds of skin tones, even my most palest of pale! That's when you know it's a winner.


Vesper, I swear to you, is some kind of trickery. In the bottle, it looks brown with tiny blue glitters. Like, the muddy, ugly kind of brown. With blue glitters. (What. Were. They. Thinking?!) My mind was not having it; I was immediately unimpressed. Then I swipe it on my nail and it's… purple! Props to OPI for pleasantly surprising me. This is the darkest and deepest shade of all six and is pretty in that weird kind of way. It was a little hard to work with, and as you can see after two coats it was still a little streaky, so I could have easily gone for a third. The hints of blue glitter really shine in the light, but don't even think of anyone noticing this polish in the dark. It was my least favourite of the collection.

Pussy Galore

In the bottle, Pussy Galore is a frosty pink I was geared up to hate (can you tell I had some seriously bad first impressions?). Frosty pink reminds me of bad '80s lipstick and the Pink Ladies jackets in Grease. But this colour looked real pretty on the nails; it's a frosty pink I'd be so down to rock. And in the sunlight it's about 10 times better.


Solitaire is a white with silver glitter that reminds me of those perfect patches of snow right when the sunlight hits and everything goes glittery. I know all you Canucks know what I'm talking about. I really loved this one, and in direct sunlight, I'm telling you, it's like staring into a winter wonderland (that, okay, I really don't want to see in real life for another six months). But still—it's perfect for you snow bunnies. It's a little sheer, so two thick coats should do the trick, or three thinner ones.


I cannot say enough about Jinx. It's a coral-y red shade with orange shimmer and it's to die for. Like pretty much all of them, I didn't see its full potential in the bottle, but it's a stunner on the nails. Opaque in two coats, when it hits the light, it's perfect.

Tiffany Case

Finally, the one I was most excited to try! Tiffany Case is the only one where my mouth dropped upon seeing the bottle. I just knew it was going to be great. It's a light-toned blue with blue and silver glitters throughout, and it's easily my favourite. I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles and this one is like a glitter party on your hand. I just wanted to sit outside and stare at my nails when this was on, because it's so perfect. Opaque in two coats, it was easy to apply.

In case you need a refresher on the characters that inspired each shade, here's the collection visual:

If this collection has proven me one thing, it's to never, ever judge a book by it's cover (I'm so guilty of that, though!). I know next to nothing about the actual Bond Girls except that I'm in love with the polishes inspired by them. They look amazing in natural lighting, but to get the full effect, take these babies outside and stare in awe. They really do transform. And the great thing is if you still can't come around to the textured polish trend, you can always add topcoat to these to make them nice and glossy.

So tell me:

Do you like the Liquid Sand look?

Have you checked out this collection yet?

Which Bond Girl is your fave?

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