ESPY Awards 2013: The Must-See Beauty Looks

The best red carpet beauty at the biggest night in sports.

So whaddayaknow? Red carpets aren't just for movie premieres. The 2013 ESPY Awards—that's short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly—were held in Los Angeles this week, presenting a primping opportunity for actors and athletes alike.

But can someone who does roundoff back handsprings for a living compete in the beauty stakes with celebs who walk the red carpet on a weekly basis? Actually, yes. Cute-as-a-button Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas definitely held her own, along with tennis pro Maria Sharapova—although it was mostly non-athletes like Selena Gomez and Lake Bell that ended up stealing the show. Here's the red carpet rundown from the sports-focused night.

Selena Gomez

Tell me why I used to criticize matchy-matchiness again? I have no idea because I'm all over this red dress/red lips/red fingernails combination. (With bonus blush, also in the red family.) It really works on Selena and gives her a more sophisticated, grown-up look compared to her attempts at being edgy (see: the MTV Movie Awards). Not that both aren't great, but I guess I'm just a sucker for beauty with a vintagey vibe.

Lake Bell

This is like a modern interpretation of an Old Hollywood screen siren. I'm slightly bothered by the concealer crease under Lake's left eye, but nevermind. I think with the strapless lace dress, she played her hair and make up just right. The hair has these imperfect, slightly messy retro waves that loosen up the formality of the dress. And then BAM! The matte, orangey lips. (Shade is La Favorite in Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet.)

Malin Akerman

Malin! I've missed you. She had her baby three months ago, and is right back to looking fantastic. First of all, I die for this hair. It's such a great length—long, but not TOO long—and the bendy bits give it texture without looking "done." Then those eyes... see how she really plays up their shape and elongates them horizontally? Genius.

Paula Patton

Not crazy about the hair, but the makeup? Nice. I'm zeroing in on the blush in particular, as well as those strong brows. She's so radiant that it's a shame about the schoolgirl hair. I'd love to see it up or even in a shorter cut, maybe to the collarbones.

Cheryl Burke

Well THIS is a surprise. Since when is Cheryl Burke on my best-beauty lists? Someone's had a mini-makeover... or at least stopped the horrible practice of wearing straight bangs with curly hair. (Pet hate, sorry.) Anyway, I always love when people do this heavy bang, long straight hair look. (Remember it on Biel? And Jennifer Hudson?) Also, freckles!

Chrissy Teigen

This is such a cool-girl hair look, isn't it? I have no idea what Chrissy's style is, but to me this hair comes across as a little bit hipster. Like, how a hipster would dress up. To wear the big, bountiful waves all down would be too conventional, so pulling it back real tight on one side gives it so much interest. Needs to be paired with this eyeliner, too.

Olivia Wilde

This might not be Olivia's best showing. Or it could just be the lighting. Lighting is EVERYTHING. Anyway, standard Olivia hair and makeup here: wavy lob with smoked-out eyes. Is it just me or is the tail of her eyebrow on the thin side?

Gabby Douglas

This girl is gorgeous. (I guess it takes seeing her in a dress instead of a leotard to really notice that!) Lipstick on the teeth aside, she really got it right with her makeup. Flawless skin, beautiful strong brows and black liner and lashes to frame her eyes. Her hair looks shiny and healthy, too.

Maria Sharapova

I'm impressed. This is definitely a risky hairstyle (not sure if it's a faux bob or just a chignon with lots of loose pieces at the front). But I think she pulled it off, no? Love the simple makeup too: subtle shimmer under the eyes (my fave!) and a cool lip colour that's somewhere in between pink and peach.

Click through this gallery to check out the rest of the red carpet looks:

Who do you think had the best hair and makeup?

Which celebs missed the mark?

If you had to try one of these hairstyles, which would it be? (I'm doing the Teigen!)

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