OPI's Neon Revolution Collection Screams Summer

Mini bottles, major colour.

Neons have seriously been everywhere this summer, from clothing and accessories to my most preferred form, nail polish. I'll eventually tire of neon-everything, but I think a good neon nail will always work, especially in the heat of summer. OPI's mini set of four colours, entitled Neon Revolution, hits the nail right on the head with this summer's super-bright trend.

At first glance, the colours don't look that bright all bottled up. I kinda felt like, okay, this is so not neon. What the F. But as I've mentioned before, OPI has a magical way of turning boring-in-the-bottle polishes to OMG GORGEOUS on the nail, just like that. I tell ya, I don't know how they do it. So let's get to it.

The set comes with a white base and a topcoat, so you literally have everything you need besides a base coat. The idea is to start with the white base, which makes the neon colour pop even more. I loathe white polish in general because I have yet to come across one that isn't a terror to apply. They're always insanely streaky and make me want to rip my hair out (I can get dramatic when it comes to polish). This white, however, wasn't so bad. Still streaky, but I got away with one carefully applied coat. You'll want to make sure that your white isn't too streaky because the neons have a jelly consistency, meaning they're a little see-through and slightly clear. A bad base will mean that you can see the streaky white underneath.

Blue It Out Of Proportion

Blue it Out of Proportion looks drab in the bottle but gets really neon-y really quick on the nail. Like, the colour was just waiting to escape, or something. It's really bright and definitely stands out on your hand. Really easy to apply and looked great in two coats of colour.

Don't Say It — Yellow it!

Don't Say It — Yellow It! is a yellow highlighter. Literally. It's so, so bright! My camera couldn't even pick up how neon it was—the photos come off as more of a sunshine yellow when in real life it's a true neon yellow. The only downside is that it was a bit harder to apply than the rest. After a white base + two coats, you could see a little streakiness, so three coats would be ideal for this one.

Pink Outside the Box

My favourite of the set, Pink Outside the Box, is a punchy pink. Barbie would totally make this her polish of choice and so would I. I didn't want to take it off! So, so pretty and easy to apply.

The Time is Pow

The Time Is Pow is an orange traffic cone colour, which is ridiculously bright. Like, so bright! Just look at the photo, it's practically glowing. I'm crazy for this shade in summer. Just imagine it on toes… swoon!

I think the collection is pretty spot-on considering everyone everywhere is neon-happy at the moment. Plus, you can't help but cheer up a little with something this bright on your body, am I right?

So tell me:

Are you into the neon trend?

How do you feel about wearing it on your nails?

What's your favourite neon polish?

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