Do or Don't: Kat Dennings' Brown Lipstick

Are the '90s back? Because Kat Dennings is wearing brown lipstick—do you like it?

Just when I mention brown lipstick in passing yesterday, whaddaya know—a celeb shows up wearing it. Witness Kat Dennings at the CBS Summer TCA party yesterday.

She is exquisite, there is no doubt. She also looks like she's wearing some throwback lipstick/lip liner combo from the 1990s... I'm thinking Twig? Spice? Mocha? Anyone? (It's definitely not the Marc Jacobs Role Play that I reviewed.)

Here, let's zoom in:

Eeks! It's so thick and heavy looking, and the lip line is so obvious. (Well, it could be worse. Have you seen this website? OMG.)

I also think Kat—heck, anyone—looks way better in true, clear reds instead of muddy rosy browns. I mean, remember this?

Kat Dennings - Emmy Awards 2012

Kat Dennings - Emmy Awards 2012

This red is a zillion times more flattering and face-brightening. It plays up the contrast between her dark hair and fair skin, whereas the brown zaps all the colour from her face.

And I didn't even get into the matching brown eyeshadow yet.

I dunno here. It's matchy-matchy, but in a way I think the lip might've been worse without any shadow at all. That would take it even closer to this:

(Aside: did you know that The Rachel is STILL the most requested women's hairstyle? Yep. Sometimes I lose all faith in humanity.)

Anyway, the last thing I'm going to nit-pick on Kat (who, don't get me wrong, I'd still die to look like, brown makeup and all) is the nails.

What the...? That is an awesome colour, but I did not expect to see it paired with such dull, muddy makeup. Am I crazy?

Tell me:

What do you think of Kat's lipstick look?

Would you be okay with brown lips coming back in style?

How do you feel about the eyeshadow and nails?

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