Rose Byrne Found a Grown-Up Way To Wear Sparkly Eyeshadow

Why this purple shadow look actually works.

When you're doing your makeup for a big night out, chances are that your glittery pale purple eyeshadow is NOT what you reach for first. Unless you are seven years old.

But look at this pic of Rose Byrne, age 34, and tell me her makeup doesn't tug on your heartstrings just a little bit. She's probably the last person in Hollywood I'd ever expect to see wearing this—a low-key neutral like the one she did for the Oscars is more her usual look—and also the last person who I'd predict could pull it off.

But I think with the rest of her makeup, the soft hair and especially the dress, she really does.

Here's the close-up so you can appreciate the sparkliness:

It's pretty major, huh?

There are a few things that I think save this from looking juvenile and messy... and make it actually pretty freakin' cool.

The application: Notice how it's focused on the inner corners only. If it were all the way across—or worse, an entire 360 around the eye—it would be insane overkill, like Spice Girls territory. But there's still a modern element to this application; it's not just replacing the traditional inner corner white highlighting trick. In a nod to the 360-degree eye trend, Rose has applied it only halfway along the upper and lower lash lines. That's just enough to make a statement without knocking us over the head with it. And wisely, on the top lid, she doesn't go anywhere north of her crease.

The lashes and liner: Absolutely ESSENTIAL if you're going to go pale and glittery. "Grounding" is the insider term for this; you need something in a darker colour for the lashes and lash line to prevent your eyes from totally disappearing. So, tons of mascara (and even false lashes) and a brown, grey or charcoal pencil softly smudged along the upper lash line and the outer edges of the lower one. Also, if you look at Rose, her line goes thicker at the upper edges. Use your liner sparingly on the lower lash line and don't forget lower lash line mascara, as it will give definition without the heaviness of liner there. Plus, blend! This look doesn't work with any hard edges.

The skin, lips and cheeks: They need to be fresh and neutral so that they don't fight with what's going on in the eye area. This is not the time to wear a super-matte, powdery-finish foundation... you want your real skin to shine through so that you don't look too "done." I would choose an understated peach (as Rose did) for the lips and cheeks. It's a colour any skin tone can wear, and pink would've fought too much with the cool tones in the eyes. I've talked about this whole contrast thing before—the idea of wearing warm and cool tones on your face at the same time (I'm a fan).

The outfit: If you pair this eye look with an outfit that echoes it—without being completely matchy-matchy—then I think you win. Here's what Rose wore:

Ahhh... cooler than anything I have in MY closet. I feel like the makeup just completes the total look here, whereas it might not be as exciting of a pairing worn with basic black. Note: I'm glad she did neutral nails, as there was no need to introduce a colour there. The eyeshadow is the star!

UPDATE: I just found out that Hung Vanngo did Rose's makeup! (He used to work with us at a magazine I was on staff at ages ago.) Here's the breakdown, via his Instagram: "She is wearing#ckonecolor face color in 300, #mascara in black, brow pencil+gel duo in wily brunette, double-ended eyeliner in candy/poison, powder #eyeshadowquad in denim, cream+powder #blush in grace,#lipgloss in tender."


Are you into this glittery eyeshadow too?

Or should sparkle be reserved for the under-10 set?

Have you tried a 360-degree eye look yet?

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