Young Hollywood Awards 2013: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup on this red carpet? Come see!

Well, the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards—held last Thursday night in L.A.—wasn't the most exciting red carpet in terms of hair and makeup. Which is surprising given that it's a night to honour rising and promising young performers, who are TOTES at prime beauty risk-taking age. So much for that! But since red carpets are few and far between during the summertime, I've been poring over these pics anyway.

Here's how the guests dressed to impress... but did they? Let's see.

Lucy Hale

Okay, we know Lucy. Red carpet regular. Unfortunately, I'm rather underwhelmed here, and it's not that she looks bad or anything—it's just that I've come to expect more exciting things, like this fuchsia lip or these vintage waves. Although it may partially be the sucky lighting. 

Crystal Reed

Now this is pretty, even if—again—it's not the most exciting thing for us to look at. This girl has gorgeous skin and beautiful full brows, so it's not like she needs to do much. I really like the long upper lashes with the shimmery shadow all over the lids, up to the brows. Simple but effective.

Anna Camp

Eeks, the "Two Face" lighting strikes again! It's crazy how the wrong light can make even good skin look like the surface of the moon. That aside, I think I would've liked to see more effort going on here from Anna. I get that the red lip is meant to be the star, but the hair is kinda whatever, and her eyes are disappearing into her face. Being a fair person as well, I totally understand this and it's why I prefer to emphasize my eyes instead of my lips whenever I'm being photographed.

Kelly Osbourne

I don't know about you, but I'm over this. I'm ready for Kelly to start looking like a normal person—like pretty instead of always weird. She's done the purple/grey hair thing to death now, and I've never understood why she's always styling it in these old-lady beehives and such. (I think tinted hair can look cool when it's worn casual and loose, like Sienna Miller style, but doesn't wearing it all stiff in these elaborate hairdos seem unnecessary?) Plus, makeup could be a lot softer.

Alyssa Milano

Ugh, I really think Alyssa looks great (especially when you compare her to her so-called "healthy" peers like Gwyneth), so it pains me when she is so wildly inconsistent on the red carpet. She looked SO good here. Why she felt the need to try so hard for the Young Hollywood Awards is beyond me. Individually, the navy smoky eyes or the shiny red lips or the voluminous bangs might've worked. (Well, jury's still out on the last one.) But all three together is overkill.

AnnaSophia Robb

The best. Right? I mean, she's absolutely flawless here. I just mentioned that AnnaSophia might be my new beauty crush, seeing as she takes just the right amount of red carpet risk (like the long bang here) without going overboard. (Here's the how-to for her updo.) Love that shiny orange lip gloss too.... and her eyebrows? Killer.

Holland Roden

Remember when I was mildly obsessed with Holland Roden? Okay, so she's still not a household name and she's still doing that annoying lip-pursing thing instead of smiling like a normal person. I also think she's still in the process of finding her own personal style... because while I loved her with big, voluminous hair... I'm not feeling this sleek ponytail. I think that, and the major red lips, is what she should stick to, always.

Christa B. Allen

Cute! Even though waves with bangs are one of my beauty pet peeves. (It's okay here, as her waves aren't that wavy. It's when they are wildly different textures—straight with curly—that I have a problem.) Anyway, I really like how Christa kept it fresh here. There's just that slight flick of grey/navy on the upper lash line, and then just mascara, lip gloss and blush. I feel like it's how I would've done my makeup myself.

Cat Deeley

Hard to say with this one, thanks to that lighting again. The one thing that stands out for me is the eye makeup—hello, Tammy Faye! It looks so clumpy. Also, I feel that her hair is one of Cat's best features, so might've been nicer to see it down.

Lauren Conrad

OMGOMGOMG. Freaking out over this picture because it's making me want bangs again. See, this is what happens. At any given time I'm either in the process of growing out my bangs or contemplating cutting them. (It's the circle of life.) Right now, since I don't have bangs, all it takes is one great celebrity photo like this one to knock me over the head and make me want them. Don't Lauren's look great? I feel like they really elevate that California-girl hair that she's had for so long now. She looks younger and cuter.

Tara Reid

I thought you guys would appreciate this one. But you know, I don't want to be mean. (I thought this article, for example, was a bit uncalled for—her saggy knees are from a shitty lifestyle, drugs and diet, Daily Mail!) In terms of the neck up, so much could be helped. First, lose that tacky-ass necklace. Then, tone down the blondeness a bit because it's getting into Girls Next Door territory, and realize that there is no way to look classy wearing those makeup colours together when you are so fair. So much black around the eyes, for example, is just too harsh. I'd love to see her with nude makeup and wearing softer, paler colours.

Laura Marano

This is the sort of girl who really suits Ombré. Love the colour, love the texture. I'm slightly weirded out by the eyebrows though—do they look totally painted on to you? And probably she could've taken down the mascara, liner and blush a notch. It's like stage makeup.

Aimee Teegarden

Here's another one of the nice-but-boring beauty staples from the night's red carpet. Yawn. I also feel like the brows are TOO groomed. Scroll up and look at AnnaSophia's again and you'll see what I mean. I want to see more bushiness and the fans at the inner corners.

So... tell me:

Who had your favourite beauty look from this red carpet?

Which celeb was the most underwhelming?

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