Teen Choice Awards 2013: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup?

The teens made their choices last night. Today, it's time to make ours! Let's talk about who had the best beauty at this year's Teen Choice Awards. (And who's gonna look back in 10 years and say, "What was I thinking?!") Ah, youth.

Selena Gomez

Gomez looked great as usual—I love a green dress and especially the sophisticated, straight, sleek long hair. (It could be a tad more sleek on the ends, though. Ratty extensions?) The only other thing to nitpick is the contrast of textures on her face. Forehead is shiny (like a normal person's) but then it morphs into a matte, lighter-coloured area around the eyes. Reminds me of Kim Kardashian's insane highlighting/contouring technique. Selena, ease up a bit!

Miley Cyrus

Not the best pic, no. And her forehead looks like mine in pictures. But hey—I actually like her lighter hand with the makeup this time around. If we overlook the excess shine and some minor concealer creasing under the eyes, we can at least appreciate that her skin looks real and not cakey. And I'm liking the tightlining job paired with defined lashes, nude lips and strong brows. The hair isn't my taste, but neither is that top. Seriously, what is up with this trend to button the top button? To me, it's like the brown lipstick. You could wear it, but you're pretty much always going to look better wearing something else.

Kerry Washington

Red looks amazing on Kerry. I much prefer it to when she does pastels (like at the SAGs). If I had those lips, I'd be wearing red every day. Anyway, what's neat about this look is the surprise pop of purple on the lids. You wouldn't think it'd work... but I like it. I also love her side bangs here. The only thing is I think she could have a better shade of foundation. It's making the lower half of her face appear a touch ashy and Eagle-esque.

Chloë Moretz

Always adorable, although I think I prefer her as a blonde instead of a brunette. (But she's only 16 years old, so we have lots of time here.) There's that concealer-creasing problem again, darn it, but if you look past it you'll see a sweet bottom lash line hit of colour. I freakin' love that look; it's one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to dress up your makeup and you don't need to do anything else except blush, mascara and lip gloss. The trick is not to worry about getting it perfect right off the bat. Use a good waterproof pencil to get right in there on the waterline—draw as thick and messy of a line as necessary because you'll be cleaning it up afterward anyway with a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover. That way you get the narrowest, cleanest line possible.

Lucy Hale

Why am I so bored with Lucy lately? I feel like this is more of what we just saw at the Young Hollywood Awards. White dress, wavy hair, subtle makeup. The only difference this time around is the lip colour is better (I like this pale pink more than that browny berry) and the hair is parted to the side (which I think is more flattering for her). I still find myself longing for some blush to perk up her face.

Bella Thorne

Ugh, the open-mouth pose. One of the worst. Anyway, looks like Bella's edging up her look a bit with the mini-braid and ear jewellery. It's cute, albeit in an inauthentic sort of way (because at the same time, she's got a perfectly executed smoky eye and cascading Barbie waves). Sorry, but nobody can compete with how Sienna Miller does punk. I've gotta say, though, that I am mad crazy for this hair colour. WANT. (Even though I know I can't.)

Demi Lovato

Not sure what's happening to me, but I must confess that I'm sort of okay with this. (Do half a dozen "wrongs" somehow make a "right?") Maybe it's just Demi's innate cuteness that's letting me forgive the bad roots, fried ends and heavy-handed makeup. It's like my hairstylist Tony says, "Some people look good tacky." Tell me if this makes any sense to you.

Nina Dobrev

Pretty much perfect. The Dobrev is like the Gomez this way. (Except here, Dobrev has better foundation.) I'm exceedingly jealous of her voluminous, slightly messy ponytail; it, along with the eye makeup, are her beauty signatures. I do think the false lashes could've been more natural-looking, though.

Lily Collins

Okay, why was Lily trying to look 70 years old here? I know, it's fashion—but something got lost in the execution of this enormous bouffant thingie, complete with headband and matching pale pink lips and eyeshadow. Nobody needs to do the 1960s that literally in 2013. It's too much! Plus, that pink is a hard colour to wear even on a beautiful girl like Lily (see how it makes her teeth look yellow?). At least her eyebrows are still insane.

Jordin Sparks

Well, somebody needs a haircut. How much better would this look with blunt, crisp, Bill Angst-style ends? Jordin has such an incredible, genuine smile and has one of those faces that barely needs makeup—so it's making me super-sad that her hair is such a let-down.

Anna Camp

Dear God. What was I even talking about when I ranted over Anna's lack of eye makeup at the Young Hollywood Awards? Did she read that and then decide to go wild with this baby blue? (And now I feel bad for even nit-picking Lily Collins. Lily's retro makeup looks incredible compared to this.) Actually, I feel that Anna doesn't have the eyelid shape to pull off colourful eyeshadow. Like me, she just doesn't have enough lid below the crease to show it off—and above the crease, it just ends up overdone and looking like a crazy person. Maybe it could've semi-worked if she kept it just underneath the lower lash line, but honestly, with this rigid updo, she didn't need any eyeshadow colour at all. If she stuck to playing up the upper lash line with the black, it would've looked way more modern and less "'80s bridal."

Hailee Steinfeld

And here's another eyeshadow WTF. Hailee needs to not wear smoky eyeshadow for another 10 years. (She's 16.) To me, it just looks harsh and almost ridiculous on someone so young. (As a makeup artist once told me of my cat-eye attempt, "Why all the artifice?") Better to take a cue from Chloë and keep it fresh with some subtle eyelining and that's it.

Brittany Snow

Not sure what happened here because Brittany usually looks pretty good. Unfortunately, all I can see is how red and inflamed her skin is looking, probably exacerbated by the combination of orangey lipstick, gold eyeliner and brassy blonde hair. I think if she had chosen cooler makeup tones (like a berry lip and soft grey shadow) it may have helped, and I think she should rethink her current blonde. Even with roots, it was a lot more flattering at the People's Choice Awards.

Shay Mitchell

Yikes, bloodshot eyes! Maybe Shay needs to use less eyeliner. Otherwise, she looks pretty good here. Again, I'd like to see crisper ends on her hair.

Michelle Rodriguez

Here's someone we rarely see on the red carpet and hey, I think she looks pretty good. (As you know, I like the casual hair and bare face + sexy dress combo.) A couple things would've made it better: some product in her hair to smooth the frizz a bit, and a deep side part to give it more shape and drama.

Jenna Ushkowitz

I dunno, Jenna. I want to get behind you but there's too much going on here and it just comes across as trying too hard. I think the idea of the braided fauxhawk is cute, but then that should've been the centre of attention. (So no need for the necklace and she needs better earrings. But mainly that necklace is really bugging me.) Basically, if you're going to do this hair, you need to really commit and go for it. I would have also liked a more modern lip... and look, we've got the same skin makeup problem as Selena Gomez. The forehead doesn't match!

Cher Lloyd

I find this one fascinating in a Toddlers & Tiaras sort of way. Doesn't she look like a little kid playing dress-up? Individually, I actually like the hairstyle and the necklace and even the purple eyeshadow—but all together, it's overkill and not very age-appropriate. Obviously, I also want to remove her false eyelashes and wipe off that forehead bronzer, goopy lip gloss and bottom lip liner.

Alexandra Daddario

Her eyes! I think they are the definition of piercing. Now, even though I'm into a warm/cool contrast, I am not a fan of this lipstick; it's a tad too matte and orange for my liking. I also think the hair is a bit ho-hum. Alexandra's not a teen (she's 27), so for a red carpet event I think something more stylin' would've been appropriate.

Laura Marano

After a promising beautyeditor debut at the Young Hollywood Awards, I'm not feeling it this time, Laura. People, you have GOT to brush out the curls. Separated ones are looking real dated these days.

Alexis Knapp

I like this. Not love, but like. I feel like everyone's doing something to the inner corners of the eyes lately, no? This is more of an intense purple than even Rose Byrne's, but sans sparkle. I think if her hair was pulled back or more dramatically tucked behind one ear, Alexis could've made even more of an impact.

Katerina Graham

Duck-face strikes again. Anyway, I like Katerina's hair colour (and dress) very much. Hair needs a fresh chop. As for makeup, even though I just said I liked the inner corner highlighting, I must clarify that I like it in a colour. This opaque white reminds me of Ashley Tisdale's.

Crystal Reed

Such a pretty face surrounded by the curtains of a very unfortunate hairstyle. Why does she have The Rachel haircut? Why is there so much tousling happening at the crown? No wonder her expression is a bit stunned. It's all very sad, because I want to see more of those incredible eyebrows (seriously, look at them) and that gorgeous creamy red lipstick that's a perfect match for her skin tone.

Maia Mitchell

This girl is exquisite (her skin!!) and the makeup job is fantastic. I'm just having a hard time reconciling the two different textures in her hair. The braided part is all messy and rough, but the rest is smooth and sleek. I think I would've preferred it all messy.

Troian Bellisario

Another great Dobrev-style ponytail, complete with my favourite baby-hair action. I think a softer colour and more smudging would've been prettier on the eyes—right now the liner is a bit hard-looking.

Bridgit Mendler

Wow! This is ALL great. Good job, Bridgit. The hair has that wicked beachy texture that everyone wants, and the colour and lob length are absolutely perfect. Makeup is fresh and soft, with just a slight berry stain on the lips. Love!

Katie Leclerc

I'm always happy to see freckles; not sure about the heavy under-eye liner but it's okay I guess. I think if her hair was pulled back in or in a side bun or something, it would've looked nicer—it's just a bit thin and wispy at the ends and is lacking a "style."

Ashley Benson

There's something a bit comb-overish to this hairstyle, right? For me, it's thisclose to being great, just needs a bit of pinning as I'm not sure what's going on with the bun side. (The loose piece is confusing me.)

Abigail Breslin

Nothing groundbreaking here, but I dig this. It's like everything is pale, cool, icy blonde and then BAM! The eyeliner. Somehow, it works even though it's very dark. I think the key is that it's all soft and smudgy. Also notice her absolutely flawless skin and the zero regrowth at her part: both would've been distracting and would have taken away from the look.

Tia Mowry

Bangs! She needs them. Otherwise, the blonde bob is quite pretty and so is the makeup. (See the purple lower lash liner?) I like that she did them with a coral lip. Fun and cute!

Leven Rambin

You can totally tell when someone's new to the red carpet. Pained, nervous expression. Stiff body language. Sweat stains! (Not to mention crusty deodorant bits.) Ah, well. Leven is a pretty girl, she just needs some styling. I'd love to see her hair fall more over one eye and cut in a wavy lob like Bridgit's.

Sasha Pieterse

I've never heard of Sasha and I'm fairly sure that will remain the case unless she gets rid of this dated hairdo. She needs a fresh chop, a root touch-up and a good paddle brush and then we can start talking.

Note: I don't have pics yet of a few more celebs who were in attendance (like my Holland!), but will update this post if/when they become available. In the meantime...

Who were your favourites from this red carpet?

Which celebs are on your "worst" list?

Do you agree with me about Demi Lovato? Anna Camp? Brittany Snow? So much to discuss...

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