Do or Don't: Jennifer Aniston's Messy Bedhead Hairstyle

Should she brush her hair—or do you like this textured look?

Totally did a double take when I saw this picture of Jennifer Aniston, from yesterday's premiere of We're the Millers in London.

It's about her hair. It's not only way bigger than usual—it's way messier. Just compare it to her style earlier this month in NYC. This is typical Jen:

I know we've seen this hairstyle on her a kajillion times already, but you have to admit it works and it works WELL. No wonder it's her signature. Smoothed out like this, her hair looks shiny and golden and "I have a Hollywood colourist" expensive.

Last night's style, on the other hand, has got the same side part, but gosh—the tousling makes it look really different. The colour somehow doesn't seem as uniformly blonde, and I can't help but feel like it crossed that fine line from 'cool' tousled to 'forgot-your-hair-brush' tousled. Especially the area at the crown.

Know what I mean? And I hate to say it, but the extreme messiness is kind of a young person's game.

I feel like something just a touch more subdued would've been more flattering—like this hairstyle from the 2012 Grammys on Julianne Hough, that I still can't get enough of:

Her hair has a tiny bit of bend to give it an edge, but it doesn't look like your fingers would get caught if you ran them through it either.

Then again, maybe we should all just be thankful that Jen isn't reverting back to this (via my Instagram, via some magazine I found at the nail salon):

Still can't believe that stat.

Do you think Jen looks good in this messy hairstyle?

Or do you prefer her with a sleeker look?

What do you think about messy hair in general—and is there an age limit on pulling it off?

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