What To Buy From Aveda's Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

It's reawakened my love for the berry-stained lip.

Are you mourning the end of summer—or looking forward to wearing tights, boots and darker lip colours again? I'm not quite ready for the latter yet, but I did have a play with Aveda's latest makeup and come mid-September, it's what I'll be wearing on my lips at least.

But before we get into that, let's recap on the whole berry lip thing. It's always a favourite fall lip shade, but for this season, designers showed it in more of a stain texture than a straight-up lipstick. I loved this one, from Bibhu Mohapatra:

And this from Rachel Zoe was also exquisite:

This is why I was happy to discover so many berry-ish options in Aveda's autumn Heart Lands collection—and all botanically-based to boot! The whole idea behind it was to create that look you get when you've just come in from the cold, with the colour radiating from within on your lips and cheeks (although sadly and inexplicably, they don't include a blush). There are shadows and liners, though, along with lip pencils, lipsticks and glosses, all of which can be worn straight up or smudged and softened for a worn-in effect.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Liner in Plum Petals and Red Petals

These contain plant waxes and fruit butters for moisturization. I didn't find they dried my lips out at all, and while the pigment was strong, they blended out easily to create a matte stain that could be worn alone or with lip balm or gloss on top. (I pretty much never use liner to just line!) Lip stuff doesn't usually feather on me regardless, but there is also an anti-feathering claim with these. And they're minty!

Here they are on my skin:

In retrospect, I guess I should've drawn flower petals instead of hearts! I didn't realize the shade names until later. I found the cool plum one more flattering on me; the red is a warm, brick red.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Liner, $25.00 each.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Colour in Sweet Plum and Redwood

The lipstick is supposed to be hydrating and plumping (thanks to plant and fruit waxes) and they even claim that after two weeks of continuous use, 75 percent of women noticed fuller lips. It also uses carmine-free pigments... and if you don't know what that means, then you need to read this article. (Other lipsticks are made from bugs? I may lose my lunch here.) So that's even more reason to love these two shades, Sweet Plum (above) and Redwood (below).

I had trouble telling the difference in the tubes, but on skin they look really different:

Sweet Plum is more of a traditional berry, whereas Redwood is that warm, brick red again. I really loved how light and moisturizing these felt on the lips, and the sheer but buildable pigment.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Colour, $22.50 each.

Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Winterberry and Honey Tree

Along with all the lip-staining products, I freaked out when I saw this gloss. It's the Winterberry and it's a deep violet-berry with tons of pigment (yay!). Also carmine-free, it is pomegranate oil-based and has plumping, hydrating and smoothing benefits with a minty-vanilla flavour.

The other shade is a nude, Honey Tree:

On skin, they look like this:

I like both! The Winterberry is an absolutely gorgeous, universally flattering colour that you could even blot down if you wanted to, and I love that the Honey Tree actually has pigment in it (unlike most nude glosses, which are basically clear with a few sparkles).

Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze, $23.50 each.

Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Colour in Antique Gold, Dusk Orchid, Viridian, Hyacinth, Ginger Root and Bronze Patina

It's not all lips in this collection. These shadows are talc- and mineral oil-free and would be ideal for sensitive eyes. They're also non-fading and crease-resistant.

What I liked best about them was their sheer, buildable quality. I had to apply two or three layers to get this much intensity:

I fell in love with Ginger Root, which is an orange gold that would look amazing with blue eyes. Bronze Patina, an army green, is also very cool, and I think Antique Gold would be a great everyday neutral shade.

Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Colours, $17.00 each.

Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer in Night Lily and Juniper

Last of all, we have the eyeliners, which are made of jasmine petals, geranium leaves and flower waxes and have a soft, creamy texture. Problem is, they're not the sturdiest things—if you look closely at the purple one in the photo above, you'll see that it's missing most of the tip. It broke off as soon as I took it out of the box and tried drawing it on my skin.

Here's what they look like:

Night Lily is described as "charred purple smoke," and the broken tip aside, it is gorge. The blackened purple is much more subtle than a straight up purple would be, but softer and more unexpected than black. Juniper is supposed to be a bright, grass green, but I didn't think it was that bright or grassy—more of a deep emerald.

I didn't think these liners were great for precision lining work because it was hard to draw a non-smudging/non-bleeding line, even with the unbroken green one. But they'd be beautiful for a smudgy, blended look, and they don't tug on the skin at all.

Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer, $18.00 each.

Overall, I loved the colours in this collection—especially the lip ones, obviously! The fact that they're formulated with minerals and plant-derived ingredients, and don't contain any parabens, talc or mineral oil makes 'em even better, in my book!

Tell me:

Are you ready for the berry-stained lip this fall?

Have you checked out this collection yet or tried anything else from Aveda?

Got any other botanical makeup favourites? (I love RMS Beauty and Living Nature too!)

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