Rosamund Pike Went Super-Bare-Faced On This Red Carpet

Would you EVER?

Rosamund Pike is wearing my basic, everyday, go-to makeup look here—except I'm wearing Lululemons and she's walking the red carpet for the LA premiere of The World's End.

We're so used to seeing celebrities pull out all the makeup stops to grab our attention (VMAs, anyone?) that it's almost a radical red carpet move to wear barely any makeup at all.

Mind you, Rosamund did pair her fresh-faced look with a dressy dress and high heels:

But is her face underdressed?

Let's zoom:

She's got mascara on, and some shimmery nude eyeshadow (check out this post for some of my recos). Then, possibly the barest sweep of blush and clear (CLEAR!) lip gloss.

Have you ever seen such minimalism on a red carpet?

It probably won't come as a surprise that I love it. There's a coolness factor to pairing the bare face with the fancy outfit, which is an old model trick. She also has the same eye shape as me, where most eye makeup tends to disappear—so I get why she's stuck to just the mascara and light shadow. (UPDATE: This entire look is by makeup artist Melanie Inglessis, who also did up Olivia Wilde recently. True talent!)

But most of all, I love the confidence of this look. I'm frequently disturbed when I'm out at night—or even the daytime—to see how many women wear such heavy makeup that they don't even need. I even wrote a post on this. Thick foundation, elaborate multi-shade eyelid shading, dark/thick eyeliner, goopy lipstick. It starts to become a badge of insecurity. Sure, I love playing with makeup trends in a subtle way, but the main point of makeup is to enhance what you've got without looking like you're wearing any!

The other thing that people sometimes forget is that less makeup can make you look a lot younger. I've written about the no-mascara trick on the runways, and it definitely applies to real life, too. Try doing your whole face sometime and curl your lashes but leave out the mascara... or at least, wear significantly less mascara. There's something softer, cooler and fresher about it. Rosamund is 34 years old and I think looks a heck of lot more youthful than many of her younger peers:

Isn't she even more gorgeous when she smiles?

I don't know about you, but Rosamund has just inspired me to tone things down the next time I have to dress up. Tell me:

Do you like this no-makeup look?

Or do you think she needed more definition?

Would you ever try this with a dressy dress?

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