Scarlett Johansson Dresses Up Her Messy Bun With Winged Liner

A simple but effective combination.

Scarlett Johansson was at the Venice Film Festival last night, and the big news today is that she's engaged to some new guy. (He's French. A journalist. With quite voluminous hair.) On this website, of course, the more pressing concern is how Scarlett did her hair and makeup. Now obviously, girlfriend would look stunning even if she wore a mohawk and Kabuki makeup—but I think we can still appreciate (and copy) the simple but effective combination of a messy bun with wingy black eyeliner.

Let's focus on the hair first:

It's just a bun, yes, but it's kind of perfect in that it's imperfect. It's all, "Oh, I just casually threw my hair up to go with my jewels and strapless gown." The contrast, people. The contrast!

The key with these things is all in the prep. It's really not so effortless as it looks, although the actual bun-creating part isn't too hard. What's more time-consuming is creating that wicked, softly waving texture throughout the hair—which is why it looks elegant instead of all flat, like you didn't bother trying. You actually have to do an entire hairstyle before you put it up!

How I've done it is to concentrate on building volume with my blow-dry first. I like to apply this mousse because it kicks ass at building volume compared to any other mousse I've ever tried:

Phyto Pro Intense Volume Mousse, at and Folica

And then I concentrate on lifting at the roots as I dry.

Look at this picture to see how she's got a bit of bend throughout her hair:

The only tool that has helped me succeed in doing that to my super-fine, super-straight hair is this one:

Rowenta Versa Style Iron, at Trade Secrets

It has this really cool waving setting that lets you create the waves all through your hair, starting right near your roots and without making dents.

After you get that slight bendy texture in, you want to spray it with dry shampoo like crazy.

Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo, at Amazon.caAmazon.comDrugstore.comWalgreens, and

I like it so much, I buy it in bulk! After you spray in, do a little bit of back-brushing before you twist your hair into the bun. (Don't forget to also do it around your face.)

For fastening your bun, these guys are your friends more than regular bobby pins. (The mini ones are best for fine hair.)

Goody Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin, at Amazon.comDrugstore.comTarget and Walgreens

Don't feel like you have to fuss with the bun too much. Scarlett has pieces hanging out of hers, and I think it looks great!

Now let's touch on makeup, because it's interesting as well (slight shininess aside):

Really, this is all about the exquisite sweep of black liner on her upper lash line. With the messy bun, it's what saves it from looking too, well, messy.

The zoom:

If you look closely, you can see that she's got some taupey shadow on the lids, extended out and above the crease at the outer edges to create depth. There's some shimmer at the inner corners. And then that amazing black liner that curves with the shape of her eyes and then just slightly flicks out. Note that it's a thicker line than most of us tend to do. There's also a very fine line and some of that brownish shadow underneath her lower lashes to tie it all together.

You could create this look with a liquid liner or just a regular black pencil. I think Scarlett is wearing D&G makeup, since she's a spokesperson, but I've got a few faves right now to recommend, which are:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc'er Precision Pen in Blacquer, at Sephora

It's Marc Jacobs, first of all. And the pen format makes it really easy to use.

Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil in Coal, at Amazon.comDermStore, and Walgreens

This is Emmanuelle Chriqui's fave and recently, mine too. It's got a gorgeous texture and is SUPER black.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, at Beauty.comLookFantasticMacy's and Sephora

Been using these for a few years now and they do not disappoint (I've got one in every colour!). They hold up well and are waterproof.

No matter what, the best tip I can offer is to not worry too much about making your lines perfect the first go-round, because they are easily remedied with a little makeup remover on a Q-Tip afterward. (If you can find those pointy-ended swabs, even better!) Especially when you're trying to get your black close to the lash line at the inner corners. The Q-Tip tidies everything up nicely at the end!

Tell me:

Do you think this bun is too messy or just right?

Are you drooling over the eyeliner as much as I am?

What are YOUR favourite prodz for doing this kind of updo/eye look?

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