Come See Keira Knightley's Shimmery Purple Eyeshadow

Is purple eye makeup becoming a trend?

Except for that one strand of hair that's sticking to her lipstick—I just KNOW it's gonna tick some of you guys off—Keira Knightley looks so beautiful here, at the TIFF premiere of Can a Song Save Your Life? I love the hair, I love the makeup, I love the eyebrows (which are fuller and thicker than ever; just Google and you'll see what I mean).

Most importantly, those brows are framing some shimmering lilac eyeshadow that I can't stop thinking about. I'd recreate them on myself in a hot minute if I had brown eyes and brown hair. Tell me if I'm wrong here, but I think pairing the purple with lighter eyes and hair runs a higher risk of looking tacky.

But with browns, it's perfection. And it's a bit of a trend lately. Remember Rose Byrne tried something similar only a month ago?

I liked that look, but I like how Keira did it even better. Here, this pic really shows it off:

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, right? I know you want to get in even closer, so let's do it.

So there are a few things I want to touch on with this look:

  • The eyeshadow placement. See how the purple goes pretty high above the crease? There's been a movement in the last couple of years to get bold like that with colour, instead of playing it safe and keeping it to below the crease like in the old days. If you've got the right eyelid shape (and confidence), then go for it! Also notice that the colour is repeated more subtly underneath the lower lash line—that 360 degree eye I've talked about before—and even a bit in the inner corners.
  • The eyeshadow texture. Just that it's shimmery. I think a flat colour applied that dramatically would be harder to wear, and more hard-looking, too.
  • The blending. An obvious point, but a key one. With such a look-at-me colour and so much of it, everything must be softly blended without any hard angles.
  • The liner. There looks to be some soft black liner helping the upper lashes look thicker (I think it may be in the upper waterlines as well). It's used again underneath in a really thin line, but I think it's important to note that it's not in the lower waterlines. That would've closed off the eye and made it look harsh... whereas this is more of a dreamy, ethereal look.
  • The lashes. They don't look like a Kardashian. I honestly don't think the top makeup pros even like to use false eyelashes. When I spoke to Melanie Inglessis the other day, she mentioned how she thinks it's more modern to go without, and I totally concur!
  • The lip and blush colours. They're warm, not cool tones like the eyeshadow. I think this is really key, to have that contrast. The peach makes the purple on the eyelids look very 2013 instead of circa 1985. Oh, and you don't want to apply too much of any colour on the lips or cheeks, regardless, since the eyes are the focal point.
  • The lip texture. The golden shimmer in it picks up on what's happening with the eyes, and I think is a much cooler way to do a nude lip than straight-up sheer gloss. (Have you noticed how hardly anyone is wearing sheer gloss lately? If they have shine, it's with a high pigment.)

Hopefully you agree!

Now, let's talk products. I did manage to track down the makeup artist behind this look, Kate Lee, and she told me she used Chanel... I just don't know which Chanel. I'll update this if any confirmations come in, but for now I'm gonna just guess.

For the eyeshadow, I think the closest match is this palette:

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in 08 Vanités, at Chanel counters

I'll leave you on your own for mascara and liner, but for blush maybe this one?

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in 55 In Love, at Chanel counters

I have it in 76 Frivole and use it a lot lately; it's a really pretty, subtle formula.

And for the lip, from looking at other people's swatches, I believe it could be something close to this:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in 41 Canotier, at Chanel counters

These Coco Shines are SO nice, by the way. They are like hybrid lipstick/lip glosses and have a lot of pigment.

Tell me:

Are you in love with this lilac shadow look?

Do you agree about purple looking best with dark eyes and hair?

Have you checked out any of these Chanel products? (Swoon!)

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