Reese Witherspoon's Peachy Makeup Works Anytime, Anywhere

Let's all copy this warm, glowy look.

Aw, Reese. I know things haven't been smooth sailing for you lately ("Don't you know who I am"-ing a police offer was NOT on brand). But I still have a soft spot because, Elle Woods.

Anyhoodle, Reese was in Toronto the other day for the premiere of Devil's Knot, with Colin Firth (!!). Despite her facial expression looking a little tense, I still found myself loving her makeup, side-swept hair and the pretty neckline of this dress:

Doesn't she look so sunshiney and fresh? Probably someone like Fiona Locke did her spray tan, which helps. But I think her gorgeous glow also has to do with the eyeshadow and lip shades. They're warm, but not too dark, and they'd also suit just about any complexion. Best of all, I think they easily go from day to night and would fit in just about anywhere, with any outfit.

Here's the close-up:

The makeup artist behind this look was Mai Quynh, and I've got a breakdown of what she used. It's all Laura Mercier.

She applied this shadow stick from lash line to crease, blending upwards.

Next, she darkened the crease using this shadow shade, fading the colour up towards the brow bones.

She also used a smudger brush to blend both shades along the bottom lash line. Next up was this shade to add some depth along the top lash line:

On her lips, Reese is wearing this orange-red lip pencil:

With this lipstick—the pièce de résistance—over top:

Tangerine! I would never in a million years have picked this lipstick up, because it looks so "medium toned" in the tube (rant here on that, if you missed it). But gosh, isn't it gorgeous on the lips? I think it needs the poppy underneath to make it more bold. Love.

Oh, and I should mention what foundation Reese is wearing, since Laura Mercier skin makeup is to die for. True story: I have an LM tinted moisturizer from probably 2005 that's still going strong, and I always go back to it because most new stuff doesn't measure up. Reese is wearing something with a a lot higher coverage:

And on the cheeks, it's a powder bronzer actually standing in for blush.

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