Scarlett Johansson Matched Her Purple Eyeshadow to Her Dress

Why it worked... and how to copy it.

Scarlett Johansson was looking so bombshell-like at the TIFF premiere of Under the Skin that it's no wonder so many men's heads were exploding as I walked by the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto last Monday night. I mean, look at her:

I feel like this is one of those instances where "guy hot" and "girl hot" kinda intersect. There's the strapless, cleavagey dress, the softly curled hair, the smoky eyes and the nude, pillowy lips—all typical "guy pleasers" for sure. But I'm more interested in how her hair has been tucked behind one ear and perhaps parted on the opposite side so that it gets that neat, '80s-esque height at the front. (Think vintage Christie Brinkley.) And most of all, I'm interested in the eye makeup.

It's hitting several trends here. First, it's a smoky eye but not in the expected grey, brown or black. It's purple—and as you know, we've been seeing that particular colour take off like crazy lately (see: Keira Knightley and Rose Byrne).

Also, it's totally matchy-matchy to her dress:

This is why you just never say never in this business. Only what—four, five years ago?—oo much matching used to be a major fashion and beauty crime. But now it's actually the thing to do. I'm encouraging it. Doesn't the purple smoky suit this outfit better than any other colour—or even makeup look—would have? I think a colourful eye is a much more "current" look than straight neutrals. (Not that neutrals are ever a mistake, mind you, but this is really on trend.)

What's extra-great is that the purple acts almost as a neutral because it's so deep and slightly brown. So it's more just a mini makeup risk instead of a major one, like it would be if the dress were bright blue or green. I think absolutely anyone could wear this shade of purple.

Here's the close-up:

The makeup artist behind this was Mai Quynh again. (She also did Reese Witherspoon at TIFF, whose mega-fresh,"works anywhere" tangerine and bronze look we just talked about last week.) Mai was kind enough to share with me the products used here, all Dolce & Gabbana since ScarJo's their face.

Let's focus on the eyes first. They're not as complex as I thought because the shadow I think is just a mono colour, softly blended up above the crease and underneath the lower lashes. Mai used this palette—I think just the colour in the bottom left corner.

In the interest of keeping things soft, she used a brown, not black, liner all the way around the eyes.

Notice the lack of false lashes—just this jet black mascara:

On her skin, she is wearing this foundation:

A touch of this powder prevents shine:

And this peachy shade on her cheeks:

Finally, this hybrid lipstick/lip gloss on the lips:

I haven't tried any Dolce & Gabbana makeup yet, but OMG it looks gorge. And I swear, next time I have to buy a dress, imma gonna buy purple just so I can replicate this.

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