Reviewed: Fresh Sugar Cherry Tinted Lip Treatment

But I like it way better than red lipstick.

There have been so many hybrid lip thingies to launch in the last couple of years—gloss-balms, glossy stains, etc.—that it's easy to forget the brands that were in there first, like Fresh. I'm sure you're already familiar with their Sugar Lip Treatment, which is basically a cult classic at this point. I've used the clear one on and off for a few years now, especially in the summer when I want the SPF 15 (kinda hard to find in most lip balms). It's nicely moisturizing, plus there's that signature Fresh sugary citrus scent that is SO YUM.

Thing is, I could never fully get into their tinted versions. There is Petal (sheer pink), Berry (sheer raspberry), Honey (sheer nude), Plum (sheer berry plum), Rose (sheer berry rose) and even Passion (sheer crimson), which you'd think would be right up my alley—but none of them ever seemed quite right on my lips.

Then their newest shade, Cherry, showed up in the mail from the PR and finally I am 100 percent on board. It's basically the red lip colour of my dreams. Cherry red (because that's my most favourite shade of red) and quite sheer, although it still packs a punch on the lips. It's perfect for day OR night.

Here's what it looks like on my arm.

Pretty impressive pigment for a tinted balm, yes?

Okay, warning! I'm about to show you my lips blown up to triple the size. Sorry about this.

You get a little colour, a little shine and the moisturization of a balm. Win! I really like it with my fair colouring and hair because often, hard-core red lipsticks are too much of a contrast and come across too heavy. (Non-blondes don't have this problem as much.) Also, I feel like the slightly subdued, lived-in look of a sheer tint is sometimes a little cooler than a precisely drawn lip (depending on what you're wearing). It's like you're not trying as hard.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Cherry, at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora.

Are you a Fresh lip balm fan?

Have you checked out the Cherry shade yet?

Got any other sheer red recos?

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