Emmy Awards 2013: The Must-See Beauty Looks

All the celebrity hair and makeup looks from the 2013 Emmys red carpet—which were your faves?

If there's one big trend that stands out from this year's Emmys red carpet, it's the bob. So many celebs had one—from Christina Hendricks to Kristen Connolly to Claire Danes—and I like it. I like it a lot. (So much fresher than those super-long, unseparated curls that everyone had just a few years back, as if to show off that "Yes, I know how to make waves with a flat iron." Glad that trend is over.) In makeup, it was a mixed bag, but the boundary-pushers like January Jones and Julianne Hough are dabbling in this inner corner highlighting thing that could be a trend to watch.

Let's dive in!

Kate Mara

Her sister Rooney may be the bigger deal right now (what with her very own Calvin Klein perfume), but Kate has a style of her own, too. This is one of the nicest "real life" interpretations of the runway-inspired slick hair trend. It's got that gelled, slightly wet look at the deep side part, but not so much that it looks greasy and weird. She got it exactly right! Love the warm makeup as well—see the golden shimmer I keep talking about underneath her lower lashes? (The gold Pixi pencil I reviewed the other day would be great for that.)

Linda Cardellini

I know, side-swept waves have been done to death, but I'm still all over Linda's look here. Her hair is perfect—it's got the structure to it but it still looks soft and touchable. Love her balayage on the ends, too. And the makeup? Outstanding. The peach lips and cheeks are SO flattering, and with lashes and a bit of liner are all she needs. The Giorgio Armani Gloss d'Armani in 300 would be a great one to try for the lip, and for the cheek, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in Starfish OR 308.

Melissa Rauch

Melissa's look here is a great example of how to do a polished ponytail. I think bangs are a real asset in dressing it up, and while there are a few longer pieces pulled out on the side, there aren't many—you don't want it to be too messy. The earrings add colour, and I like how she's gone fairly heavy on the eyes (also key when you're doing a casual pony). Really cute!

Katrina Bowden

I'm a bit torn on this one. I think Katrina looks super-pretty, it's just not the most 2013, on-trend sort of pretty. Know what I mean? I think this could've looked fresher with a bit different eye makeup. Instead of smoky, with so much brown, maybe it could've been a cleaner, graphic '60s eye. She does look fantastic with her hair in the ballerina bun, though. I'm not sure if she has roots or if it's just the lighting.

Julianne Hough

Julianne's hair looks like it's going to take off and fly. It's just sticking out maybe an inch too far on either side, right—or is it just me? Otherwise, I'm kind of weirdly into this eye makeup. (You'll see it a similar version on January Jones in a sec.) It's like a brown smoky with a blueish, silvery highlight at the inner corners. You could try NARS Single Eyeshadow in Euphrate for this. I don't think it needed the glossy lip though. Matte would've worked better.

Kerry Washington

Kerry looks gorge here, as per usual, with a particularly good shade of pink on her lips and cheeks. Just got word from the PR that it's Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Truth and Lancôme Blush Subtil in Sparkling Rose. But are those unseparated curls I'm detecting? I hope not! They're not as obvious with her dark hair colour as they would be on a blonde, but still. Pet peeve. If you can't brush 'em, at least loosen up with fingers.

Sofia Vergara

And suddenly, I was over Sofia Vergara. Need I say more? Okay, I just feel like I want to do a makeunder on this one. I've had enough of the satin-finish lipsticks and those earrings—OMG. Her brows continue to scare me (I like 'em full, but are they a little out of control?). And I don't like this centre-parted, poufy-at-the-back hairstyle. It's tired, I'm tired; Sofia, it's time for a change.

Morgan Saylor

Morgan is 18 years old and look at her eyebrows! Amazing. (Everyone who grew up in the '90s wasn't so lucky. We tweezed the crap out of ours!) I think her look here is really age-appropriate. She's doing the hair-slicking thing like Kate Mara (which only the young and gorgeous can get away with), and I love the red lip. Because it's paired with just lashes and shimmer, it looks fresh instead of heavy and made-up. I think NARS Heatwave could be a good option for this lip.

Morena Baccarin

Morena is heavily pregnant right now, and definitely has that glow going on. She looks amazing. I really prefer this soft updo on her versus the weird aerodynamic one she wore at the SAG Awards. The stained lip goes with it so well (try Tarte's Matte Lip Tint in Fiery). There's a little concealer creasing happening under the eyes, but nevermind. (Stars! They're just like us!)

Claire Danes

Claire got a haircut! What do you think? Oops—fooled me! It's a faux. Thanks, readers. I think she should really cut it. Maybe it's nostalgia for all her '90s roles, but I like it. I feel like it suits her more than when she tries to be all sexy with longer hair and smoky eyes. I think this looks cuter and younger. Just wish she would friggin' style herself better. I hated the dress, REALLY hate this dry-looking, unflattering orangey-red lipstick, and I think an edgier earring would do wonders.

Zooey Deschanel

With Zooey, I'm a little underwhelmed this time. It's okay, it's just not blowing me away or anything. I like the big, bouncy waves in her hair (and we already know she should never, EVER get rid of the bangs). The makeup is just her standard twee eyeliner... and a glossy lip with what looks like too-obvious liner.

Christina Hendricks

Does anyone miss the days when Christina would show up at a red carpet event and basically steal the entire damn show? I'm thinking the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globes, even last year's Emmys. When she goes all ethereal like this, it just doesn't have the same wow factor.

January Jones

Thank goodness we can always count on January to bring some red carpet excitement. Not that it always (or even usually) works. Did you see her dress? OMG, it flattened, not flattered. I would never. As for the hair and makeup? Like the hair, not so much the makeup. It's just kind of ghoulish. If she'd have left it with the plummy colour, then fine, but I don't think it needed the lavender highlight. I'm sorry to say that Julianne did this makeup trend a lot better.

Jessica Paré

This is going to sound really mean, so prepare yourselves. But honestly. Is this the same person who seduced and married Don Draper? I'm finding it hard to believe. And it's because of the hair. It's the wrong kind of messy—it looks like she did her hair in pin curls and then forgot to take 'em out. This is also going to sound mean, but her teeth/gumline are not the best and I think in that instance you need to be very careful about everything else being neat and well-groomed. I'm not saying she has to fix her smile, but it IS a factor. Am I crazy or do you see what I mean?

Rose Byrne

More celeb hair news! Rose is blonde! And I... don't like it. She is SUCH a good brunette that I don't understand why she'd change it up for this frosted-looking thing, but hey—I've done dumb things to my hair colour in the past too. Let's just hope it's a short-lived experiment. I do like her plum shadow and berry lipstick, which are Chanel (Quadra Eyeshadow in Eclosion, the darkest colour, and Rouge Coco in Byzantin).

Padma Lakshmi

Is it just me or is Padma looking a little "tweaked" lately? You know how cosmetic interventions tend to make women look a little hard and mannish... I'm just wondering. I think her makeup is fun, though. See—there's that strong inner corner highlight again! It sort of plays on the pale blue dress. But speaking of that dress, is that a figure skater-style sheer panel? Ugh, I hope not.

Emily Deschanel

Emily is usually pretty conservative on the red carpet, but she looks fantastic here with this cool fuchsia lip. So great! I think she always prefers to wear organic makeup, so not sure what it is—but a non-natural dupe would be Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense in Satin Fuchsia or Pearly Fuchsia. And I like the texture of her hair for the updo. It really does wonders to soften her square jawline. (Just compare to her Golden Globes look and you'll see what I mean.)

Michelle Dockery

So this is pretty boring. If the arms weren't cut out of the top here, wouldn't you think this was a person going to the office? I don't know—it's not Michelle's style to do anything outrageous, but I still wish she'd shake it up and go a bit sexier with her hair and brighter with her makeup. She's so pretty, I don't get the librarian look.

Heidi Klum

And here's Heidi, looking like a Vegas show girl. My goodness! I don't even need to see the dress—the maroon sequinned turtleneck is plenty, thank you. Now, her makeup is actually okay. I quite like the shimmer all the way around the eyes, although it does serve to accentuate wrinkles a little more. I also think her hair has been highlighted too light.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange, because I know you're wondering, is 64 years old. I think she looks pretty good. Certainly, she has amazing hair! Who says you have to cut your hair short after a certain age? Not me. The colour is really flattering for her, as are the makeup shades. Notice how it's all matte around the eyes.

Sarah Hyland

If Sarah Hyland didn't have this semi-smug, pursed-lips sort of smile, I could probably get on board with her more. Anyway, no complaints with her look here—although maybe the brows and that lipstick are a little on the dark side. I always say, those dark berries are HARD to wear. I think if you're gonna do one, it's best to go really simple and modern with everything else. (So, not with dangly green earrings and matching dress. I'm thinking more Kata Mara-style.)

Allison Williams

I'm going to make an exception here on the hair. It's long and it is unseparated, but she looks so radiant and simple with her makeup and dress that I'm okay with it in this instance. She really is glowing. It was the amazing Mark Townsend on the hair—he used Oribe Après Beach to give her waves some texture.


I think Jewel is so pretty—and I love this side updo on her (the side updo is probably my favourite hairstyle of all time). It's got just the right amount of looseness and texture. The shimmery nude shadow is pretty, but we need to talk about the lips. Great colour, just way too shiny and goopy. If that doesn't put you on board with the new hybrid lip products, which are more lightweight and not so sticky, then I don't know what will. A better option would've been Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Betsey.

Malin Akerman

Usually, I love Malin on the red carpet, but I can't get into this hairstyle. The texture is right, but it looks like a cross between a bad '80s prom hairdo and a '60s beehive. Not working. (Especially the curly tendrils. Eeks!)

Connie Britton

Am I the only one who is reminded of Tanning Mom when I see Connie Britton? Maybe she could lighten up ever so slightly on the spray tans, because otherwise she has an absolutely gorgeous hair colour. I think it would show off so much more if her skin wasn't blending into it.

Mindy Kaling

Now, these tendrils are better than Malin's tendrils. These ones are different because they've been shaped into finger waves (you need a special hot tool for that). I can approve. Nice, neutral makeup, too.

Cobie Smulders

I'm into this. You know why? Because she kinda looks like an early '80s model—at least, what I remember from reading back issues of my mother's Mademoiselle. She just has that look, you know? Love the voluminous dark hair at that length.

Carrie Underwood

Anyone else having déjà vu? We've seen a version of this on Carrie again and again and again, so I think I need to just practice acceptance instead of always hoping for something different. I would've loved this when I was six years old and playing with Barbies. Now, I want her to lose the necklace and wipe off 75 percent of the makeup. Hair's not bad; at least it's not so fakey blonde anymore.

Maria Menounos

I met Maria once, and she was really sweet and gorgeous in person, but when I see her red carpet style, it reminds me that she is SUCH a typical TV person. They take a trend—like the fishtail braid—that is well past its best-before date, and then they do horrible things to it. Like pair it with mega-volume on the top of the head (WHY?) and a glitzy necklace and a strapless dress. It's all so anti the casual fishtail vibe that I don't even know where to begin. But I'm realizing that her lips are the biggest problem of all. Why does she have to wear concealer on them to make them disappear into her skin, and then line them with darker lip liner at the bottom AND goop on a sticky gloss on top? This is truly a beauty WTF.

Jane Krakowski

This is good, Jane, very good. Can we talk about the long bob with a deep side part? It's a hairstyle that really cannot ever go wrong. I think anyone can wear it. Remember Jane's previous long, wavy, highlighted style? This is such a huge improvement.

Robin Wright

Robin is 47 now and still SO gorgeous. I guess karma has to work that way, since Sean Penn is such a colossal d-bag. Only a couple things here. I don't like those sticky-outy bits at the nape of her neck (too '90s) and what is up with the lip liner AGAIN on the bottom lip? Evidently, it's a big problem in Hollywood right now.

Julie Bowen

Julie is the newest face of Neutrogena, which is awesome, but my God have they ever Photoshopped the ad campaign. Oh, well. She still looks good—I just think she's been looking a little on the thin side lately, which can be aging, and I don't love her hair here. I feel like it would've been more flattering and younger if she'd left it down.

Anna Faris

Love Anna Faris, but is this her real hair? I think no. I'm also not into the lip colour on her—just feels too harsh with the yellow dress, blonde hair and dark brows.

Kristen Connolly

So simple, so pretty. Again: it's that side-parted bob, this time in brown, that you cannot mess up. This is also a good example of a berry lip that works. It's not as dark as Sarah Hyland's, and with the fresh skin, full brows and clean, minimalistic vibe, I think it's much better on Kristen. Reminds me of the Aveda berries I reviewed not long ago.

Aubrey Plaza

I have a theory. When you have a high-necked dress, I think it's better to keep your hair very neat and tidy. With the neckline of this dress and the embellishments, somehow the loose updo comes off a little messy. As for makeup, not bad but the eyeshadow could've been better blended instead of having that line where it stops, and I'm not super-into the pink gloss.

Amanda Peet

So here's example number two of my high-necked dress theory. Again, something a little messy-looking about this with her hair so wispy. I feel like it's hiding her pretty face. Love her lipstick, though! That sheer kind of red reminds me of my beloved Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary.

Vera Farmiga

Vera is super-cute here and weirdly, I'm okay with the volume at the front of her hair. It's fun, it's something different, and wisely, it's the only thing she played up with her hair and makeup—everything else is neutral and soft.

Brooke Burke

It's the Maria Menounos syndrome again, except here, it's a faux bob given the TV-host treatment. It doesn't need those earrings, it doesn't need that much lip gloss and it certainly doesn't need so much Botox on the eyebrows. (Is it just me or are they arching like crazy now?)

Lily Rabe

And yet another example of the dark lip, here worn very traditionally with vintagey side-swept waves. It's a high-drama and hard-to-pull-off look, especially with blonde hair, but I like it on Lily because she has such strong features. It kind of works. Love how she does the pale skin with no trace of blush to speak of. By the way, if you like this lip, Smashbox has a limited edition version of their Be Legendary lipstick out now called Fade to Black. The Black Cherry shade looks a lot like this.

Anna Gunn

Anna looks so pretty here. Like Linda Cardellini, she's got the matchy cheek and lip (this time in pink), which I LOVE. Bit of sparkle at the inner corners, bit of lashes, a loose, wavy updo... done and done. I really like this one!

Shaun Robinson

And now for a different kind of updo. Or is it a bird's nest perched on top of her head? Whatever it is, it's way too tall and ridiculous. The theory was great—Shaun could've looked amazing with a more ballerina-esque bun—but something got very lost in the execution. Also? Tone down the false eyelashes, lady.

Mayim Bialik

If you didn't know who Mayim was, how old would you say she is? Fifteen maybe? Try 37. I suppose that's a good thing in a way, but I was thinking teenage prom dress and prom hair here, not grown-up woman. Her hair could've been so much better—these are sad side-swept curls, not voluminous happy ones like Lily Rabe's or Linda Cardellini's.

Lena Dunham

This just in and I'm feeling mildly uncomfortable. Again, it's the inner corner eyeshadow trend. But I'm not sure why Lena decided to go for it in a such a big way. I think us normal people need to leave wacky shades like green for the supermodels and stick to pale metallic shimmers. She would've been totally adorbs with that instead—or just the dark brown alone. Well, I would also like to buy her a better bra.

Elisabeth Moss

Amazing! Thank goodness, because this awards show was getting a little disappointing. Has EM ever looked better? Nope. And isn't this one of the best short haircuts you've ever seen (second only to the Elsa Pataky)? Yep. Now, I'll give you some intel instead of throwing out questions. On her lips, she's wearing Rouge Dior lipstick in Trafalgar. I don't usually like orangey-reds as much as cherries, but this is insane. Claire Danes would've looked a whole lot fresher if she'd chosen this shade instead of that matte, dry-looking, ashy orange. Elisabeth Moss FTW!

Let's tawk:

Who were your Emmys beauty faves?

Who were the "worst" of the night?

What do you think about Claire Danes' faux bob? Rose Byrne's colour?

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