The 7 Coolest Nail Ideas To Steal From New York Fashion Week

Why wait for spring, when you can copy these looks right now?

If you're anything like me, then you're probably already missing all the NYFW goodness that went down just a few weeks ago (thank God for us there's London, Milan, and Paris right after). Besides the dreamy clothing, front row editor/celebrity stalking, and convincing myself that it's okay to not be 5'10 and have Karlie Kloss' face, there's one more thing I've been obsessing over: the nails. Obviously. And when it came to nails, NYFW did not disappoint (but really, does it ever?). This year at the tents, the nails were all things; from creative and fun to simple and understated. I’m here to weed out the so-so ones and awe you with the amazings.

1. The cap-toe shoe mani at Kate Spade

Let's start with my one of my favourite fingertips coming from Kate Spade. Using Deborah Lippmann polishes, the nail art was inspired by a cap-toe shoe. Who would have thought? It featured a white base, silver tip and accent line in variations of pink, red or yellow (shown here), all on an “almond-etto”-shaped nail. (That’s a hybrid almond/stiletto shape for us normal folk.) This design caught my eye right away—it’s so perfect for spring. Plus, they're so easy to do. I couldn't resist—already tried them out!

Polish picks:

2. The crystal-studded mani at Honor

Next were the nails at Honor, done with Deborah Lippmann polishes, too. A pale pink shade was so prettily accented by a pyramid of Swarovski crystals. How totally chic. I'm just obsessed with how simple this look was, but still managed to be ultra-girly and glittery, too. And if you get your hands on some crystals (eBay is my BFF when it comes to these things) then this is so DIY-able. I like to just add top coat and then carefully place the crystals on top with tweezers while it's still wet. You can move them around a tad if they're off, but not too much, otherwise you'll ruin the nail. Lock them in with more topcoat. 

Polish picks:

3. The bright white mani at Nanette Lepore

Essie did some white nails at Nanette Lepore that were simple but so fresh and clean. I love a good white nail, but they just scream blank canvas a little to much for the OCD nail freak in me. Still, they’ll be awesome come spring (and just look at that lippy!). Now, I know what you're thinking—white is so hard to work with. And it is. Unfortunately, the only way to get a good white nail is to find a good white polish. I'd definitely recommend Essie's Blanc,used in this look, or OPI's Alpine Snow. Try and get your coats as even as possibly to avoid streaky-ness. Thicker coats will usually do the trick!

Polish picks:

4. The nude half moon mani at Milly and Lela Rose

Butter London did some half moons in a nude and white combo for Milly, above. And half moons again in nude and pale blue for Lela Rose, below.

I like. I really like. This nail design emphasizes a rounded shape and would most likely flatter more rounded nails, but I've also seen it done on any shape and length from short and long to square or stiletto—it's sort of universally flattering. 

Polish picks:

5. The diagonal tips at Holmes & Yang

I adored this understated yet interesting and unique mani that OPI did for Holmes & Yang. Who would've thought an uneven swoosh tip would look so good? As a play on the typical, traditional, and in my mind, oh-so-boring French mani, this slanted tip is modern and sharp. Plus, I'm seeing so much nail art lately with "negative space" (leaving the natural nail shade peek through, whether it be a little or a lot). Though it's not so good for us with super-stained natural nails (me!), it's interesting, pretty and comes with very little effort. Awesome. Oh, and the contrast between the nude and navy in this look... swoon.

Polish picks:

6. The glitter Ombré at Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller featured a sparkly Ombré, though it seemed more fall-appropriate than spring. But this glittery look is all kinds of pretty. Done by Butter London, these nails definitely made my top three. For this look, they applied The 444 as a base and then The Black Knight upward from the tip of the nail. Then, where the two colours met, the polish was dabbed to blend the look, finishing with another coat of The Black Knight. Sounds simple, but I've never tried an ombre with glitter—I feel like it would be more difficult than with creme polish. Definitely next on my to-try list, so I'll let you know.

Polish picks:

7. The holographic mani at ICB by Prabal Gurung

ICB by Prabal Gurung had the most fun nails of all: glittery, holographic awesomeness (using special foil!) that I'm dying to try out. For this look, thin strips of holo foil, which can be bough on eBay, were placed down the centre of three nails, while accent nails featured a glitter tip. All were done over a simple nude nail. Cannot get enough! Also, I'm freaking over the eye makeup. That glitter. OMG.

Polish picks:

After all is said and done, the trends from the tents seem to be that anything goes when it comes to nails for next spring, from barely there to glitter-bombs. Rather than in-your-face crazy designs, nail art is definitely taking on a more sophisticated, simple and subtle style. And that translates to easier DIYs (yay!). It's a win-win. See you next season, NYFW!

Tell me:

Which of these nail looks do you like?

Have you tried any of these shades yet?

What have you been wearing on your nails so far this fall?

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