The Anna Sui Beauty Box Would Be Adorable On Your Dresser

The cutest way to store your favourite beauty products.
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I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I get all Hoarders-like when beauty products are super-cute. Instead of actually, you know, using them, I just collect them like some kind of weirdo. It's my grown-up version of playing Barbies.

So it's a huge testament to Anna Sui's beauty line that I have so much of her stuff preserved for the ages in my "archives." (I know that sounds weird, Anna Sui, but the fact that I don't really use your products is a compliment. Trust me.)

Then, this showed up last week and I got really happy—because unlike makeup, it's something that won't get ruined by my grubby little fingers, and I can put it on top of my dresser to stare at every single day:

Anna Sui Beauty Box, at and Urban Outfitters.

See? Total adorableness. And it's not just any old box, it's a beauty box. Automatically 300 percent better.

I am pretty sure this first came out with a 2010 makeup collection, but I guess when you come up with something this cute, you make more of it. The box is made of a durable plastic and has little legs on the bottom (how sweet?), plus a heart-shaped knob on the lid. That gorgeous graphic print is embossed on the white, as is the Anna Sui logo on the black.

Here are a few pics of mine:

You could use it to store pretty much anything (except for nail polish or nail polish remover, as they say that'll damage it). There's enough room for a big supply of my favourite Shiseido Facial Cotton:

Or it's a great place to stash all your lip gloss (it's the perfect height):

For $25.00, it's quite reasonable—and way better than pulling stuff out of a makeup bag or a Caboodle or whatever. (Do they still make Caboodles?) Plus, I know it's only October, but it would make a great Christmas gift as well.

The Anna Sui Beauty Box is at and Urban Outfitters.

Are you an Anna Sui beauty fan?

What do you think of this box?

Seen any other cute beauty storage ideas?

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