Lucy Liu Has a Pretty Half-Up Hair Idea

It's business on the top, party on the bottom.

Longtime Lucy Liu beauty fan here—Golden Globes fishtail braid aside—and I'm really feeling this hair from her appearance at PaleyFest this weekend. It's half-up, half-down hair (which I make no secret of being a fan of) but it's a little more interesting than the way I usually do mine.

Here's a wider view:

And a little different angle:

See how it's all smooth and sleek on the top, pulled-back section? And then the loose, long hair is all big and textured and voluminous? I think it's a great way to dress up such a simple hairstyle, when just pulling it back and letting it hang there would be too boring. Business on the top, party on the bottom.

AND it's a good trick for those of us whose half-updos tend to be a little volume-challenged. Fine, straight-haired people, you know what I'm talkin' about. It's like when you take that upper section away, you're just not left with enough to work with. I know her hair's not half-up here, and she was deliberately going for a wet look, but I feel like my half-updos can get dangerously close to Claire Danes territory:

Remember that? It still haunts me. Anyway, I think Lucy's teasing job could be the way to go instead. Here's how I'd do it:

1. Part your hair over to the side.

2. Section off the hair at the top that's going to be pulled back, and clip it high up on your head. (You don't want to secure it the final way yet, as it'll interfere with the teasing.)

3. Grab a big paddle brush like the Mason Pearson (a seriously essential beauty investment if there ever was one) and working in small sections (about as much hair as you'd curl at a time in an iron), lift the hair straight up away from your head and then brush down in about three short, quick strokes.

4. Once you've teased all the hair, you can brush the top layer down a bit to smooth it so it's not so crazy-teased-looking. Not too much, though, as the slight messiness is part of the look.

5. Unclip the smooth section at the top and work it into place, keeping the side part, before fastening it at the back. Something like the Goody Dome Barrette would be perfect.

No word on what Lucy used to secure hers, but here it is to the side more:

(Eeks on the false eyelashes, but oh well.) Here's the head to toe:

Cute, right? I think the hair is the perfect finishing touch for her outfit to give it a little edge. Now over to you:

Are you a Lucy Liu fan?

Would you try this hairstyle?

What's your favourite hair brush?

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