Penélope Cruz is Wearing the Most Amazing Copper Eyeshadow

Brown-eyed girls, you should definitely copy this.

It's Penélope Cruz! On a red carpet! This almost never happens—I feel like I used to talk about her all the time, but in the last couple of years, not much at all. She's got two kids now, so I'm sure red carpets haven't been a high priority (this one's for her new movie, The Counselor, which filmed last summer before she was preg).

I miss her. She's 39 now, and honestly is one of the most beautiful women. Tell me this: has anyone ever seen a bad picture of Penélope Cruz, ever? Just not a problem that exists in life.

As you know, Pené's signature beauty look is usually this soft but voluminous, almost '60s-ish hair (except it's all touchable-like), plus darkened eyes and nude lips. But look at the makeup in this pic and see if you detect a cool new twist:

It's copper! Just like I was talking about yesterday with Leighton Meester, except this is an eyeshadow, not an eyeliner, and it's a totally different application. But... copper! We need to think about this. As opposed to regular plain old brown, see how glowy this warmer colour makes her skin look? Kind of like what a bronzer does, except you don't have to go through that whole "3” shape rigamarole. And it totally warms up her otherwise nude makeup, giving it more life.

Here's the zoom:

I didn't realize she had freckles—cute! Anyway, looking at the eyes, you'll notice that the shadow goes all the way around, as is the fashion these days, and extends above the crease on the outer edges.

Top makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury was behind this look, and she used her very own Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette:

Pretty sure the computer monitor isn't doing these colours justice, but you get the idea. I am the biggest fan of that shimmering copper with brown eyes, as it gives the face a glowing, subtle and tone-on-tone look. (Since orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel, it's a much more "notice me" effect on blue eyes.)

As Charlotte's line isn't in North America yet (although you can order online), this Body Shop quad is similar:

Make Up For Ever has a metallic copper:

And NARS has this frosted ginger and shimmering copper duo:

As I repeat like a broken record all the time, it's almost always essential (unless you're going for a really ethereal type of look) to "ground" the shadow with liner. Make it as close as possible to the lashes, ideally in the waterlines, all the way around and as fine a line as you can manage. I'm a dork with drawing, so I usually just get messy and then clean it all up with a Q-tip to get the line width I want. You can get a little flicky at the outer edges, but not too much as this eye is more about the shadow than the black cat-eye liner.

False lashes optional. Mascara not optional.

If you'd like to know what else Penélope's wearing, it's this blush on the cheeks, and on the lips, this shade called Penelope Pink, which was named for the star herself. (Says Charlotte: "When I do Penélope's makeup, I always give her a gorgeous pinky/nude lip colour inspired by the Dolce Vita icons of the past such as Sophia Loren, so I just had to create this colour within my collection and name it Penelope Pink.") It's in the same colour family as the blush and both harmonize perfectly with the copper eye, without fighting it.

I'm sorry to say that there appears to be some kind of overdrawn lip liner and injectable filler situation as well... or at least it appears that way in a couple of these pictures. Why do celebs DO that? Not understanding the need to inflate the top lip. Someone please enlighten me! (I think Biel is a frequent offender, and maybe the subject of a future Before & After.)

Now that that's off my chest, I'll leave you with this gorgeousness to contemplate. (No lip issue in this pic!)

Man am I ever jealous right now of you brown-eyed, brunette ladies, since it's just not going to be the same on my colouring. Can someone please give this makeup look a go and report back?

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