Katy Perry's 10 Best Hair and Makeup Looks

The new CoverGirl has had many adventurous beauty choices.

Katy Perry has just been chosen as the newest face of CoverGirl—and the only surprise is that it took this long to happen. (I mean, seriously—girl is a cosmetics company's dream come true!)

Actually, there's another surprising thing. Based on the first visual she's done for the brand, it looks like Katy is softening up her look a bit compared to her usual heavy-handed, theatrical approach:

Do you love it? It reminds me of her Teenage Dream video look—where you could actually see how pretty she is without the distraction of heavy makeup and crazy costumes. That's CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Euphoria on her lips; Clump Crusher Mascara and Eye Enhancers shadows in Café Au Lait on her eyes; and TruBlend Liquid Makeup in Buff Beige on her skin with Clean Glow Blush in Roses for blush.

So gorgeous, and that lip is totally reminding me of my Aveda Lip Glaze in Winterberry, which I've been wearing a ton this fall. I don't know about you, but I hope we get to see more of this version of Katy as we head into 2014; that's when her first CoverGirl campaign will go live, by the way.

Until then? Let's take a walk down memory lane... here are my top 10 of Katy's many hair and makeup looks.

1. Shimmery red lips with side-swept bangs and a floral hair accessory

OMG, this seems like it was 100 years ago. It was 2008, just when "I Kissed a Girl" was getting big, and at the time Katy's thing was this shimmery red lipstick paired with wavy hair, straight, side-swept bangs and some kind of accessory tucking her hair off to one side. This was totally her signature look—just go back to the time I went to the set of Look-A-Like and they were recreating the very same pin-up girl makeup. (That time she had a star in her hair, instead of a flower.)

What I like about this is the freshness and femininity of it. It looks like she's wearing much less foundation than she does these days, and there's something very sweet about all the girly touches—even if we look at this now and it's not the most modern ensemble. She really is a pretty girl.

2. Bold brows, pink lipstick and über-glam waves

Love this one. It's also 2008 here, at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and Katy went for a super-glam, super-vampy, 1950s comic strip sort of look. Doesn't she remind you of a modern-day Veronica Lodge? Especially with the cut outs of her strapless dress, and the unapologetically big, flippy waves in her hair. So fun! Obviously, bright pink was the way to go with her lips and cheeks, and with a stronger, darker brow than normal to balance the hair.

It's over-the-top, yes, but for me it's less so than many of her more recent red carpet showings. It's still very pretty and sexy—I would love to see her revisit this kind of thing.

3. Matte red lips with bangs and a long bob

Would you have even recognized this as Katy Perry? She looks sooo different here. I don't think this straight, blunt, long bob with bangs lasted for very long, but gosh, it was lovely on her. She looks like a little doll! I've always loved this hair look on people, from Katie Holmes to Christina Ricci; the graphic lines of the cut really show off shiny, straight hair well.

Makeup-wise, I'd copy everything except the false lashes. The matte yet slightly creamy red lip reminds me of the new Armani Lip Maestro, and it looks wicked against the dark hair, pale skin and light pink flush on the cheeks. The curve of liquid liner adds to the doll-like effect; notice how it's a thicker line than most of us normally draw, and there's no flick.

4. Major lashes, lavender shadow and side-swept bangs

Here, the bangs have grown out a bit and Katy pushed them over to the side with her hair worn straight and hovering around the collarbones—another one of my favourite hairstyles. It's a very sexy-looking haircut, especially with the awesome neckline of this red dress.

Now, I KNOW there is too much makeup. You can't see her real skin, there's obvious liner around her bottom lip and those eyelashes are totally weighing her down. But if we look at it with the realization that it's stage makeup, it changes things a bit. After all, I feel a lot of the time that I don't wear enough makeup, and when I see all this on Katy I do think it makes her look gorge. Probably for us normal people, we could copy the look but without the lashes, lip liner or so much foundation, but keep the lip colour and the eyeshadow and liner. I would never advise being quite this heavy-handed unless you're getting up on a stage.

5. Fresh skin, defined lashes and a sleek, high ponytail

Now we're in 2010 and Katy's skin is looking much fresher and dewier. I like this peachier lip colour and blush on her a lot more than the previous look. I'm not sure why her eyebrows have become thinner over time instead of the opposite (like the rest of us have been doing lately!); here, they've been shaped into dramatic arches that again have a bit of a comic book character vibe. Her false lash game has improved, as these aren't anywhere near as heavy and look much more defined. The touch of gold eyeliner along the lower waterlines makes her blue eyes sparkle.

Hair-wise, the ponytail is pure drama. I'm sure it's hair extensions, but still—not many people can carry off such a severe style worn all off the face.

6. Flicked-out eyeliner with bold brows and blue hair

And now we move into Katy's Bettie Page era, which included this same hairstyle in both black and the blue shown here. I've had my bangs cut like this once, unintentionally, and I cried. For some reason, they look amazing on her, though. Even in blue! I guess you have to also be wearing three pounds of makeup and walking around in a sequinned dress to pull them off. In no way is this look practical for civilian life, but I do kinda love it for a pop star. You'd think solid, blue hair would look so wrong, but it actually works really well with her cool colouring.

With bangs this short, it's all about the eyes. You've gotta always keep the brows in check, and I think Katy's groomed arches work better than, say, a more au naturel bushy brow. Graphic liner also works great—love the flicks here.

7. Gold shadow with a pale pink, side-parted bob

It took me a while to get on board with this, as Katy was an early adopter of the whole My Little Pony candy-coloured hair trend (this pic's from 2011). I don't like it as much as the black hair on her, but it's SUCH a great pink and so representative of that particular beauty trend. I think these pastel, peachy pinks work on a lot of people because they're very close to a strawberry blonde, just with a little something extra.

Makeup-wise, I'm not loving the lip so much but the bronzey gold eyelids are nice, and I like that she left her brows dark (they also look a bit thicker).

8. Bubblegum pink lips with an angled blue bob

Ahhh... this one's my fave. (I know, who am I? Liking blue hair is so out of character for me.) But heck, she's Katy Perry and she wears it beautifully. I like this shade of blue better than the Bettie Page version, as it somehow makes her eyes actually look bluer instead of fading them. And the angular cut is just awesome in a Pop Art, 1960s way. (Reminds me a lot of Fearne Cotton's cut, which I also covet.)

What makes this even better is the bubblegum pink on the lips... try Illamasqua Lipstick in Plunge to get the same look. And you know what? Even the over-the-top lashes are working for me this time. With hair and lips like that, you can't wimp out in the eye area. But notice what isn't graphic—the brows. I think that's important; otherwise she'd look too much like a caricature. They're natural and just brushed upward, not too perfect.

9. Red lips, strong brows and retro purple waves

Now we're in 2012 and Katy's dabbling in the purple hair dye. When you're a rock star, you've gotta add some kind of twist on the usual straight-up retro Hollywood look. But colour play aside, it's actually really fun to see Katy looking so classically glamorous. I've loved this hairstyle on many other celebs and I'm especially digging the little lift at the front.

With the makeup, I don't know if the brows and lashes needed to be quite this strong, but hey—it's her retro look and she really committed to it. Skin looks matte but not heavy and Katy always wears a red lip well.

10. Nude makeup with centre-parted long, '60s hair

Katy Perry - Grammy Awards 2013

Katy Perry - Grammy Awards 2013

The last look and also one of my faves is this one from the Grammys earlier this year. (How could anyone forget that boobalicious neckline?) I thought this was interesting because Katy went so nude with the makeup and relied on the hair and the dress to make her style statement. I mean, seriously, the hair is awesome. Yes, it's solid jet-black and not at all natural-looking, but it totally reminds me of Priscilla Presley during the Elvis era. Strong centre part and actually quite a bit of volume, then cascading into very softly waved ends.

If you're wondering about makeup, the lip was Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Crush.

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