Olivia Wilde Is Wearing the Ultimate Neon Pink Lipstick

It could be The One.

Who said bright lipstick was only for the summer months? Just like Natacha recently sang the praises of a winter neon nail, I'm finding myself drawn to a hot pink lip lately... even though the standard fall beauty wisdom dictates berries and classic reds.

Everyone knows fuchsias look incredible against a hint of summer (faux) tan, but I also love how they make an unexpected pairing with fresh, pale skin and an outfit comprised of black or grey wools and cashmeres. In Canada at least, we're already all swaddled in dark colours and will be for the next five months—so we may as well brighten things up above the neck.

Now, even though Olivia Wilde was photographed here at the tail end of summer (during TIFF), wearing a sunny yellow dress, I think we can still look to her for current lip colour inspiration:

Isn't this amazing? It's like, BAM! Lips! And her face needs no other adornment, save skin-perfecting makeup, lashes and the tiniest bit of liner and blush. When I saw this, I had to immediately check in with Olivia's makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, to find out what this lip goodness was called, and it's this shade (Anime)...

At least I think it's that shade, which is described as "seriously neon fuchsia." But Melanie just called it "neon pink," so it could also be this (Nylon):

This one is described as "classic bubblegum pink with a neon twist"—which also sounds amazing.

I haven't tried this line yet, have you? The deal is that it's high pigment and high opacity colour in a formula that has the application ease of a gloss. It's apparently quite moisturizing, with hemp and peppermint essential oils. Plus it comes with a lip brush—a good idea with something this pigmented.

Some other neon pinks I know and love include this shade from Maybelline New York:

(Actually all the colours in the Vivids range are amazing, if you like brights.)

This hot pink from Urban Decay is mega-easy to apply, since it's in a pencil, and has a glossy finish.

And of course, this NARS shade is totally a classic:

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