Love the Moroccanoil Scent? It Now Comes in Candle Form!

Because who wouldn't want their place to smell like hair products?

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've picked up a random shampoo or shower gel and said "such-and-such brand should come out with a fragrance." Probably I have low-brow taste, but I MUCH prefer how my hair and body products smell compared to most actual perfumes, which tend to be way too heavy, complicated and headache-inducing.

If you're with me on this, you'll probably be as happy as I am to hear that the hair brand Moroccanoil has just introduced their signature beachy scent in candle form:

Okay, so it's not a fragrance you can wear on your body... I'm still lobbying them on that. But it's a way to make your home smell incredible, and I'll take it. I can't find any intel on the actual notes, but it's the same soft and slightly powdery scent you'll know well if you use their hair products. (All they'll say is that it "captures the essence of the Mediterranean... the sand, ocean and sky.")

Priced at $52.00 (in both Canada and the U.S.), it's made in France from premium European wax with a cotton wick and comes in a reusable glass vase. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how heavy the thing is—this ain't no cheapie candle—and you get a full 50 hours of burn time. The outer packaging is an elegant blue box, so it's also super-luxe and perfect for gifting.

Now, if only they could come out with an eau de parfum. Maybe next year!

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