Bryce Dallas Howard Pairs Orangey-Red Lips With Cat Eyes

I've got the exact products she's wearing.

I don't know about you, but even though it's perfectly acceptable these days to play up eyes AND lips, I usually still choose one or the other. Because I'm lazy, mostly, but also I because I was lacking celebrity inspiration. (As much as I love Olivia Wilde's rendition, with the red lips and iridescent blue/brown smokies, it's only something I'd wear for a dressy occasion.)

But this Bryce Dallas Howard look? I could see myself doing this way more regularly:

What we're looking at are some gorgeous black cat eyes paired with bold, matte, orange-red lipstick. Oh, and a generous sweep of blush to boot. My kind of makeup!

Things that are bugging me: her neck looks a different shade (she needs some foundation there, or bronzer) and I feel like she may have gone on some kind of extreme post-baby weight loss diet, since her cheeks probably shouldn't look so sunken at age 32. (This is why I don't diet. Face over ass, people.)

But if I zoom in real close, I forget about all of that and just see the makeup, which I think is super-duper pretty:

Right? I feel like the colours give her such a nice glow, and the lips, cheeks and eyes are in balance without any one of them overpowering the others. Notice how the cat-eye flick is only on the top, while the bottom lashes/lash line are completely devoid of any mascara or liner.

And that lip! OMG, need. Let's start there. Makeup artist Gita Bass (who I'm meeting later this week—yay!) created it by mixing this shade (Indie Flick)...

with this one (Pure Red)...

The result? The perfect matte orange-red. This is such a good colour, and still extremely wearable for those of us who are scared of oranges. Très flattering!

Now, the cat eye. Gita used this pencil to create the flick, blending it with a small pointed brush to get the right shape:

(We were actually just talking about this liner in the comments here. It's a good one, and so is that Stila!)

Gita then used one of these rolled into a cylinder shape to correct any mistakes with her lines; the flat edge works the same way as a Q-Tip to give you a precise line.

I have to say, I haven't tried that—I tend to use a Q-Tip dipped in Bioderma Sensibio most days. (That's a tiny bit more eco-friendly, but a wipe would be less drippy.)

After the lines were in place, Gita traced over them with this liquid liner:

Do you ever use that trick, of doing the line first with regular pencil before going in with the liquid liner on top? I think it's a good one, and I've heard it from several makeup pros over the years. The darn liquid liner is so tricky, I think having the pencil base really helps.

And now let's talk about the skin (even though the neck doesn't quite match up!). Bryce is wearing this foundation:

I first heard about the line from one of you guys, actually, and then Stacy Keibler used their cult favourite cleansing water for the Golden Globes. Has anyone tried this brand? What say you?

On top of the foundation went this powder, for contouring the cheekbones (maybe that's why they're super-defined?):

This is the powder there was a big buzz about back in the spring; Gisele is the face. What's great about it is that it's nice and light, not at all chalky.

To create the pretty flush on the cheeks, Gita started with this blush in Inspiration on the apples (Affinité is similar):

I just started using this blush this fall and love it. It's a neat texture, somewhere in between a cream and a powder, and looks really natural on... that's why I usually prefer cream blushes, as they seem to sink into the skin better, instead of sitting on top. The shade I have is Présage, which is a little peachier than this one.

For the final touch, Gita dusted this guy on top to help the colour stay put and to add a bit of sparkle:

And there you have it... makeup artist secrets! (And unlike some of these celebrity makeup breakdowns we've talked about, I think we can believe the legitimacy of this one 100 percent, since Gita used a mix of products.) I love that she used both drugstore stuff and Chanel!

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