Benefit It's a Love Fest Features 4 Makeup Faves in a Pop Art Tin

It's love at first sight.
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Beauty companies really should branch out into home decor, because they make the cutest stuff. (Remember when I raved about Anna Sui's Beauty Box?) The latest collector's item that you'll want to put on display chez toi is from Benefit:

Lookie, lookie, it's a pop-art inspired tin that you could totally re-use to store makeup or whatever else you like. It's actually quite sizeable (about seven inches high), and looks like this in real life:

It has a nice gold pull on the lid (the back of the box is also this purple/magenta colour:

Inside are the four products:

You get:

  • 1 full-sized Benefit They’re Real! mascara
  • 1 full-sized Benefit The Porefessional pore minimizing balm
  • 1 sample-sized (0.22 oz) Benefit Coralista lip gloss
  • 1 sample-sized (0.13 oz) Benefit Sun Beam golden bronze complexion highlighter

The mascara is the bomb and you should definitely try it, if you haven't already. (In the U.K., it's the number one bestselling mascara, and I think it's right up there in North America, too.) I'm a big fan of the Coralista gloss as well, and actually managed to finish my tube when it was on frequent rotation a couple of years ago, which never happens. It's a super-soft, non-sticky gloss with a hint of coral, as the name suggests.

I reviewed the Sun Beam highlighter here and really dig its creamy texture and paint-on application—so much easier and more natural-looking than working with a highlighting powder. And then the pore-minimizing balm. Pores aren't really my issue, so I find it a bit tricky to evaluate such products, but I'll have you know that a fellow beauty editor friend swears by it. And she would know.

I almost forgot to tell you the price—it's US$36.00/C$43.00 and the value is US$75.00/C$90.00. Half price, not bad at all!

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