Dior's Best Eye Makeup Products Are In the New Backstage Hero Kit

My go-to "fancy" mascara and favourite super-skinny eyebrow pencil.
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I just got into using Dior mascaras this year, and I have to say, I really like their formulas. I also like their eyebrow pencil, which I've had for oh, four years maybe? Best of all, I like the fact that both things are in this new, limited-edition eye kit:

At C$52.00/US$59.00, it's a great way to get acquainted with the Dior eye and brow family, if you haven't met already. This is what you get:

And on top of that, a black patent wrap case with a zippered pouch and storage spots for eye products. Perfect for the purse:

You'd pay C$31.00/US$25.00 for the Diorshow Mascara alone, and C$30.00/US$29.00 for the Brow Styler, so you're already ahead even without the cool extras.

Now, as for the mascaras, here's my take. I feel like it's been the trend lately for mascaras to be on the thicker, liquidy side—the whole "lacquer look" that can get a bit wet and clumpy—but Dior's aren't like that. To me, their formulas are a little drier but not flaky; they're also thin enough to build up in multiple layers. Especially the Diorshow one. The brush is huge but don't let that scare you. You get nice volume and definition without your lashes sticking together. I feel like the Iconic Overcurl one has more "grip," so I tend to use that right at my roots when I'm really doing it up and need fancy eyelashes. For extra plumping and to encourage lash growth, you can also use the lash primer underneath.

And the eyebrow pencil? I've honestly never found one that I liked as well. It's got the tiniest pencil tip I've ever seen, which makes for the most realistic-looking brow hairs when you draw them in. And the colour really is universal; not too dark and not too light.

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