How To Copy Amanda Seyfried's Shimmery, Smoky Eyes

Let them be your weekend makeup inspiration.

I just stumbled upon this picture of Amanda Seyfried, from the Los Angeles premiere of Lovelace back in August, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week—so much so that I copied this exact makeup the other night. (I think it was a success?) Maybe it's all the gift ideas I've been writing lately, but I'm starting to feel très festive, and this kind of glittery meets smoky eye is just what I feel like wearing.

It was done by celebrity makeup artist Georgie Eisdell, and since Amanda is the Clé de Peau Beauté global spokesperson, she naturally wore all their products.

Let's zoom in for the close-up:

Amanda has the most amazing wide-set eyes, so I'm glad they decided to play them up with black liner all the way around in the waterlines, black mascara and then a halo of shimmering grey smokiness. I know some blonde, blue-eyed women feel the black tight-lining can be a little harsh for their colouring, but I have to say, for evening I absolutely love it. A more muted shade just wouldn't make her eyes pop this much. (And as for the mascara colour, I'm with Sabrina Rinaldi, who told me the other day: "I think every woman should wear black mascara." Word.)

Georgie used this quad to create the smoked up look (case sold separately):

I love this palette for blue eyes. The charcoal and the medium grey are good for shading, while the other silvery ones can be for highlighting or dialing up the shimmer.

This cream eyeliner was used to define the eyes:

And then lashings of this mascara to build a really thick fringe:

On her lips, Amanda is wearing this shade:

It definitely looks more sheer on the lips that I would've thought from the product shot.

On her cheeks is this blush (case sold separately):

I like that it's a neutral blush and not too pink, which would've been too many cool tones on the face with the grey eye makeup.

I doubt Miss Amanda needed much to perfect her beautiful skin, but she's wearing this foundation:

And this colourless powder to tame shine:

Here's the final look one more time for the win:

Love, love, love it. It's amazing how huge you can make your eyes look when you pile it on! I think the colour palette is neutral enough to work with any colouring, but it's extra-pretty with the light hair and eyes. (Because c'mon—you brown-eyed folks got to have that amazing Penelope Cruz look all to yourselves, remember? So Team Blue Eyes gets to have this one.)

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