Jennifer Garner's Pink Lip Colour Came From the Drugstore

And it's under $10.

I like Jennifer Garner and all—I think I've watched the magazine movie 13 Going on 30 about 10 times now—but I don't think I've ever been inspired to actually dedicate an entire article to her makeup. She usually looks nice enough, but as Lainey would say, so "beige." Safe hair and neutral makeup do not an exciting blog post make.

But maybe Jen's starting to take some baby beauty risks—or at least her look here, at the Los Angeles premiere of Dallas Buyers Club, is a promising sign. I think the hair really suits her; the bangs are an instant anti-ager and so is the slightly lighter and warmer colour compared to her usual dark brown.

Most of all, though, I love that she did this watermelon pink lip with her otherwise neutral makeup palette:

Pretty, right? And I don't think I've ever seen her wear a lip that wasn't nude or some kind of berry red—so that's kind of kind of newsy in itself. I love the contrast of the cool pink with the soft brown eye and slightly more peachy flush on the cheeks.

But I'm also interested in the lip because I feel like I'm always looking for products that deliver this exact pop of pastel colour, and I'm usually disappointed. So many things look in the tube like they're gonna do the job, but then they disappear into nothingness when you apply—or else they're some unflattering chalky '60s horror. (On that note, I should warn you about the newbie pastel mattes from Joe Fresh. Abort, abort, abort.)

Naturally, I HAD to know what Jen was wearing, so I tweeted at her makeup artist, Fiona Stiles (as you do) and she told me it was this:

Say what? An under-$10 lip crayon from Neutrogena?! Yep, and these lip pencils are getting rave reviews in the beauty blogosphere. I've got plans to pick one up (or a few—there are seven other awesome-looking shades) as part of my next online beauty order or stateside drugstore visit. They're unfortunately not sold in Canadian retail stores... boo... but we can always order online.

Oh, and speaking of awesome drugstore lip pencils, bit of breaking news—Revlon have JUST relaunched theirs under the ColorBurst line. They're now offering two finishes. The Lacquer Balms have a glossy shine:

And the Mattes are, well, matte:

I don't know yet if there's a shade that's an exact match to the watermelon pink that Jen is wearing, as I only just got my hands on a handful of samples last week at a Gucci Westman beauty editor dinner. But you need to check 'em out anyway, as the colours I've seen so far surpass all expectations. Think rich pigments, moisturizing textures and mattes that aren't at all dry or cakey.

I love when you can find such great options at the drugstore, and love this quote from Fiona's blog about Jen's low-key, fresh-faced makeup: "Sometimes there's room on the red carpet for a full on look, and other times it's just about letting the person's natural beauty shine through. I am partial to letting the woman make the statement, not the makeup. When you work with such beautiful women, why overdo it?"

Totally agree. Do you?

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