Should You Try GlamGlow's Cult-Favourite Mud Masks?

The best way to try 'em without blowing your budget.

People are going nutso for GlamGlow, a new line of mud masks that just hit the beauty scene in 2011 out of Hollywood and are now sold at Sephora. I first heard of them via Christina (who you may remember was one of our early reader hair consultations) and she wanted to know if their claim to fame, the SuperMud Clearing Treatment, was worth the hefty price tag.

Well, FINALLY I can report back, since I've just received GlamGlow's limited-edition holiday set:

I am not quite sure why it's called "Gift Sexy," since sexy is not really the word I associate with mud masks, but whatever. Inside, you get one Super-Mud Clearing Treatment:

And one Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, their other mega-popular product:

Lest you think they're in stupid tiny sample sizes for this set, think again. The Super-Mud is the exact same size (1.2 fl. oz.), which separately sells for C$/US$69.00, and the same goes for the Youth-Mud, which is 0.5 fl. oz., and is also sold separately for C$21.00/US$19.00.

That means you save by buying the Gift Sexy set, which is C$75.00/US$69.00 but valued at C$90.00/US$88.00. (And now my head hurts... all that math!)

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why would I need TWO mud masks? Well, I gave both a try and here's my take:

Super-Mud is your traditional mud mask. (And if you've read this, then you know how much I love a clay mask.) This formulation features not just clay but also activated charcoal to help treat everything from acne to blackheads to ingrown hairs to razor bumps. The mud draws out the dirt and congestion while AHA and BHA acids brighten and soften. Even though I still swear by the cheapie Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, the GlamGlow is a much more elegant formulation—no mixing with water required—and didn't dry my skin out anywhere near as much. It has a nice eucalyptus scent and is so moist that it doesn't seem like the mud will dry out anytime soon. I really enjoyed using this.

Youth-Mud is like a combo mud mask/exfoliating treatment. It's not so much meant for drawing stuff out (although it will still do that, and tighten pores); the main feature here is that it brightens and softens your skin texture. The clay has bits of volcanic pumice rock, which you massage in before you wash off the mask for a gentle exfoliation. This one has a fruity scent and really does leave your face super-smooth.

But now for the part that my inner five-year-old loves. When you open the box, you see this:

But then you soon discover that you can keep going and it turns inside-out into a blue version:

I felt I had to make a video to properly explain. It's like some kind of beauty Rubik's cube:

I won't admit how many times I've done that now. It's the little things... (Oh, and not sure what the heavy breathing there was all about! I'm going to say it was my videographer.)

Anyway, the bottom line? I was SO prepared to write off these masks as over-priced, but I was pleasantly surprised, and this deal makes them a lot easier on the wallet.

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