20 Beauty Gift Ideas for Quirky and Creative Folks

For the people on your list who dare to be different.

Every so often, I come across a beauty product that is either a) so niche that it automatically goes on my wishlist, or b) so surprisingly weird/cute/ingenious that I laugh out loud. If you've got someone on your shopping list who won't be impressed by just any present, check out these 20 quirky, creative and totally unique finds.

1. Bunny Lip Balm Ring

It's a vintage-inspired gold bunny sitting pretty atop a ring that flips open to all-natural lip balm inside. If I had this, life would be complete!

2. Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk

Bumble and Bumble—makers of the cult-classic beach texturizing spray—have just come out with this tinted hairspray that'll wash out the next day. Perfect for the person who wants to channel Sienna's new 'do.

3. Dripping Chains Back Headband

I feel like this headband—which features rows of gold chains that cascade down the back of your hair—is a lot more wearable than the goddess ones that've been popular lately. (Not everyone, including most men, are going to "get" having a chain that runs down your part line and forehead.)

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Set

OCC's Lip Tars have been on my radar ever since I learned Olivia Wilde was wearing Anime, this neon pink. This well-priced set has a lip brush and matching nail polish, and comes in a bunch more shades, too.

5. 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Cosmetic Zip

It's white and furry and that's basically all I need to know. (If you saw my house, you'd know I have a slight obsession with things like this.) Fashion god Phillip Lim made this makeup bag, and it's also on sale right now for 40 percent off!

6. Nana de Bary Bronze Eau de Parfum

Nana de Bary fragrances cater to "the goddess in every woman." The lady on this bottledoes look pretty goddess-like, hanging out in her thigh-high stockings. Yum at the contents: radiant mandarin and ylang-ylang on top, jasmine and tuberose at the heart, with iris, cedar and cinnamon as a base.

7. Lessons of a Lipstick Queen by Poppy King

I read this book two or three years ago, and I have no idea why I failed to mention it on the blog because it's excellent. Poppy King is a seriously inspiring beauty-preneur and this would be a great gift for any friends who are thinking of starting their own empires. Also available in paperback/Kindle at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

8. Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer

Whoa, this is a primer that you wear underneath your fragrance—just like you'd wear a primer underneath your makeup. It's all-natural and unscented, and claims to help your perfume last twice as long. Did you hear that? Twice!

9. Jules Smith Lexi Stackable Midi Rings

If you follow any nail boards on Pinterest (like mine!) then you'll have surely seen the coolest thing to happen in finger fashion for a long time: midi rings! You wear them above the knuckles and they set off your nail polish like nobody's business. I like these plain, stackable gold ones best.

10. Frog Shower Cap

I dare you not to smile at this frog head shower cap. Also on sale right now!

11. DevaCurl Hair Dryer

My hair doesn't have even a hint of curl in it, so I don't have a dog in this fight, but if I did? I'd be all over this weird-looking but extremely cool-sounding dryer. It's designed specifically for curls and waves. (Now, if only the name didn't remind me of the menstrual cup!)

12. You Smell Paper Hand Soap

These little guys are selling out everywhere! First of all, the slogan. And second, how handy to have fragrant lemon verbena soap at the ready in paper-thin sheets.

13. Lalique Cactus Perfume Bottle

This definitely falls into the "money to burn" category, but if you did, how great would it be to spoil someone with a REAL Lalique crystal perfume bottle? In cactus form makes it even more of a delight.

14. Vestige Lipstick Holder

I love this unexpected idea—a little handmade brass holder for six lipsticks that'd be great for someone with a vintagey, Anthro style of decor. (Not that six spots would ever be enough for OUR lipstick collections, obviously.)

15. Mai Couture Blush Papier

I keep reading about these, and am dying to try. Anyone remember when The Body Shop used to carry those Papier Poudre thingies? These are the same idea, except better: they're sheets that are lightly powdered with paraben- and talc-free pigment, to give the complexion a boost of natural-looking colour. Saves space and you don't have to worry about sticking germy fingers into a pot or carrying around brushes. There are six shades.

16. Lelet NY Kat Swarovski Crystal Headband

Let's face it—a Swarovski cat ear hairband is the kind of idea that only flies around Christmas time. But definitely guaranteed to surprise and delight.

17. Purrrfect Pout Lip Gloss

Speaking of cats (I did tell you guys I'm a cat lady), this lip gloss with a black cat cap is a much more budget-friendly option. Purrr-fect, in fact!

18. Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Box Set

If you know someone who's going through the painful process of growing out her hair, this kit—which promises to nourish hair so that it'll grow longer and stronger—will be a welcome treat.

19. 6Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Black Jewel on Wing False Eyelash Premium Edition

The holiday collection at Shu Uemura is predictably cute (I'm loving the matte lip and cheek tint), but the lashes are a total collector's item.

20. Monkey Nail Dryer

And I saved the best for last! How can you not want a monkey that blows air out of its mouth to help your nail polish dry faster? C'mon. There's also a dog version.

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