Get Inspired by Olivia Wilde's Bold Blue Cat Eyes

Still doing your flicks in basic black? It's time to mix things up.

They've done it again. Olivia Wilde and her makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, are the duo behind so many of my favourite makeup looks of 2013—and this bright blue cat eye, at last week's premiere of Her in Los Angeles, is no exception. Don't you love it already?

I think it's clear that we're seeing a real trend here with people going right ahead and matching their makeup to their outfits. Olivia, who has a little Jason Sudeikis bun in the oven, wore this amazing blue David Koma dress:

(I LOVE that she's wearing a form-fitting dress and showing off the bump.)

And the colour couldn't be more flattering with her brown hair and blue eyes. Hair was by Mara Roszak again, by the way.

From the front, the blue cat eye actually isn't as dramatic as you might think:

She has a lot of lid space to play with, but the colour is kept to below the crease and it's hidden behind some false lashes. There's also nothing on the lower lids, and her lips and cheeks are quite nude. (Too bad the metallic bits on that dress are throwing light on her face—always happens when celebs wear dresses like this!)

Let's zoom in for the eye close-up:

It's SO good. See how graphic and sharp that line is? It starts at a narrow point at the inner corners, right close to the lash line, and then builds out into a thick line that hovers right below her crease. (I always think we err too much on the side of a thin line when doing a cat eye, so that's another thing to take away from this—go big or go home!) The flick is on a diagonal from her lower lash line, and the end tapers off into a fine point, with no curl.

Melanie was kind enough to share what she used, and it started with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos:

This shade is described as a "vibrant cobalt blue matte with slight floating pearl." UD pencils, as you've probably heard, are among my faves. Out of my usuals (which also includes pencils from MUFE and Stila), the UDs are definitely the most creamy and easy to work with. The words "glide-on" in the name are no joke.

On top of the pencil liner, Melanie used a liquid liner to both set it and add more colour. She chose Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #5, Diamond Turquoise Blue:

This shade is a sparkling turquoise blue, and you can see in the pics how it catches a tiny bit of light. Really pretty.

Pro tip #1: I think the two-step process is really important for this look, as this liquid liner seriously does not move—whereas if she wore the pencil alone, it would have more chance of getting smeared and smudged. (Not good for such a graphic look.) However, using just the straight liquid liner alone would be too tricky to work with and get the shape right... applying the pencil as a base helps you get your cat eye shape perfect first.

Pro tip #2: If you struggle with your lines, your best friends are either a makeup wipe or a Q-Tip and some non-oily makeup remover like Bioderma. (I SWEAR by Bioderma.) Celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass likes to use a rolled-up eye makeup remover pad, which can be less drippy. Either way, if you use something like this to take away mistakes, it's a lot easier to get the perfect cat eye shape.

It looks like Melanie used a little bit of pinky-brown eyeshadow to contour Olivia's lids, but you could definitely get away with skipping that step.

On her lashes, she used Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Volume + Length Mascara, which contains strengthening proteins to encourage lash growth:

And then for the false eyelashes, she used a fox and mink blend pair from Flutter Lashes:

I don't have the names of what's on Olivia's cheeks and lips, but I would say to use the neutrals of your choice... just make sure they don't have very much pink in them. I think because this look is about the strong, cool blue colour of the eye, you don't want other cool tones on the face. Something more nude/peach would be perfect!

Here's the end look, one more time:

Dontcha wanna try this for any parties coming up? I know I do!

PS: If you don't have this colour dress, you could definitely adjust your liner colour to match whatever you're wearing. If you don't want to be so matchy, the blue would also look fantastic against basic black or grey.

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