Palm Springs Film Festival 2014: The Must-See Beaty Looks

Awards season has begun! Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock and more beauty close-ups from the 2014 Palm Springs Film Festival.

And we're off! The Palm Springs International Film Festival marks the beginning of the 2014 awards season—so get ready for tons of red carpet close-ups in the weeks to come. Yippee! It's like Christmas all over again here at Beauty Editor HQ. We'll get started with the pics from the festival gala on Saturday night.

Amy Adams

Amy is one of my top beauty crushes, but something is a little off here. My first thought was Restylane in the cheeks—although one could argue that penning the "before and after" column is making me overly suspicious of celeb interventions. I just feel like they're maybe a bit chipmunk-like. (And now would be the time she'd get them done, before all these awards shows.)

Aside from that, I like the makeup and her new, fuller brows. I think what's most interesting is the way she's lined all the way around her eyes with a shimmery rose gold shadow that really compliments her colouring. It reminds me of 28E or 30E in Make Up For Ever's Aqua Shadows (which are excellent waterproof eyeshadows in a stick, by the way).

I think the hair could be improved with a side part instead of straight down the middle. You can't see it in this photo, but it's slicked back into a low bun adorned with a white flower, which is pretty—I just feel like the centre part at the front isn't so flattering to her face shape. 

Sandra Bullock

Oops, why was I going on about Amy's injectable filler when Sandra's is so much more obvious? I don't think she needed to do that to her cheeks, or at least not to that extent. It kind of hardens and masculinizes her. Although overall, hey—she's 49 and looks great.

As for the makeup, that pink is fantastic on her. Very anti-aging. A close match to the lip would be YSL's Caress Pink:

I like the way the makeup artist tight-lined her eyes and added depth with a non-attention-grabbing brown shadow. I'm even okay with the false lashes. No issues with the sleek, straight hair either, although I think her long face might be widened by some eyebrow-skimming bangs. I love bangs right now!

Julia Roberts

Whoa, when was the last time we saw Julia Roberts on a red carpet? I can't even remember. She looks the same, and I like how she kept her makeup very soft (just some mascara, brown shadow, peach blush high towards the temples and a subtle, matte pink lip). Only thing that bugs is the powdery texture of the lower half of her face... but I'm not sure if that's just a bad camera angle. I guess I prefer it to all the greasy faces we saw at the last red carpet, the 2013 amfAR gala.

Now on to hair. It's fine... I guess. But I know if I had Julia's incredible mane, I'd be showing it off 24/7!

Camila Alves

Camila Alves is SUCH a beautiful woman, but I'm not into this colour scheme at all. Most of all, it's the highlighting job that I take issue with. I love the idea of balayage—hand-painting individual strands, strategically around the face—but this colour looks so ashy and almost grey. I stand by my claim that most people look better in warmer hair colours. I mean, just go back and look at Camila's Ombré here. That was one of the originals and still the best.

The makeup I kinda feel the same way about. Her face just looks so sallow and ashy. Don't get me wrong, she's still a billion times more gorgeous than I could ever hope to be on a good day—I just think some brighter colours would've done her more justice. Like a pink or peach lipstick and some blush on the apples of her cheeks, instead of the contouring.

Meryl Streep

A reader commented the other day that I rarely show or talk about older women, so I'm trying to fix that. (Although truth be told, a lot of the more established actresses like Meryl Streep here just don't do the red carpet appearances like their younger peers... who still have to hustle all the time. So it's slim pickin' in terms of photo material for me.)

Anyway, Meryl is 64 years young—to put this pic in perspective. I like her subtle makeup and defined brows, although maybe she could've used more mascara to bring out her eyes. And those glasses... no. I think the shape of the frames is very dated, and does her no favours.

Hair is okay, but I think instead of having the volume up at the top, it would be more modern and flattering to have a blunt, straight bang. (That's the cut mom has—blunt bangs and shoulder-skimming straight hair, which you can see on her here—and I think it's very flattering on mature women.)

Elisabeth Röhm

And our last red carpet pic of the day is of Elisabeth Röhm from Law & Order. Can you believe she is 40? Holy cow. Maybe she's dabbled in the Resty as well, but I really don't know because I'm not familiar with her face. At any rate, I love her look. Don't her clear, light blue eyes remind you of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy?

Makeup is pretty perfect. Girl has gorgeous arched brows, so they are framing her face, along with black mascara and liner in the waterlines to play up those baby blues. Then, it looks like she's wearing some bronzer and peach lip gloss and blush to give her face colour. Hard to believe this was taken in the wintertime, huh? I think perhaps a more matte lip might've been more modern than the slick, thick gloss, but that's a minor gripe.

As for her hair, I like it a lot, especially the mid-length. The blonde is great on her, but I'm a stickler for visible roots, so would've preferred an all-over colour instead of the highlights. Hey—if I can get my colour touched up every three weeks, so can celebrities!

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