Golden Globes 2014: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup? Here are the celebrity close-ups!

The red carpet pics from tonight's Golden Globe Awards are already streaming in, and I'm kinda getting butterflies. (Don't judge.) Hair- and makeup-wise, I think this is turning out to be another winner of an awards show—and right after the excellent Elysium Heaven Gala, too. The stars have definitely brought their A-game so far in 2014!

Keep checking back as more photos are added, and then stay tuned for more detailed hair and makeup how-tos tomorrow.

Emma Watson

I'm so predictable. As soon as I saw Emma, I knew she'd get the top spot here—is anyone surprised? I have no idea about her dress, but she is exquisite, as usual, from the shoulders up. Hair is in a deep side part and pinned in a low chignon at the back; she's left just the right amount of wispy pieces out around the ears. She's also pulled one of my favourite bold makeup moves, a pink lip with a red dress!

Emma is wearing: Serum • Foundation • Highlighter in Aurora • Bronzer in No. 60 • Powder in No. 30 • Brow gel • Concealer • Mascara in Noir • Lipstick in Exaltée • Lipstick in Coromandel

Olivia Wilde

Is it just me or is Olivia getting even more gorgeous these days? Must be the pregnancy glow. I especially like that her hair is getting longer again; it has some subtle Ombré colour and is worn here in loose waves, a perfect match for her body-hugging green dress. Olivia always looks incredible with a smoky eye. Would you ever have thought to pair purple eyes with a green dress? Bet you will now! 

Olivia is wearing: Primer • Illuminator in Bare Light (mixed with foundation) • Foundation in Nude • Blush in Pinched • Blush in Bronzilla • Illuminator in Peach Light (on cheekbones) • Brow pencil/mascara in Dark Blonde • Eyeshadow in Muse • Eyeliner in Carbon Cleopatra • Mascara in Blackest Black • Lipstick in Private Viewing • Lip Gloss in Super Natural

Zoë Saldana

Loads of you guys didn't love Zoë's look a couple of red carpets ago ("corpse-like" is one makeup description I will never forget). Definitely can't say that here, though. She has a fantastic glow. Like, tons-of-facials-and-juice-cleansing kind of fantastic. We still have the problem of visible eyebrow pencil, just like at the amfAR gala, but the rest of this I just can't find fault with.

Jennifer Lawrence

I'm so disappointed. And it's not the short haircut—even though I was initially unsure, it's actually growing on me. No, it's the makeup here that I don't think quite hits the mark, and it's all the lipstick's fault. This weird brownish red shade isn't a colour I would ever choose for her; it feels too dark and too serious for her easygoing, fresh-faced, tomboy style. It also doesn't seem to go with the earrings or the silver eyeshadow, which was extended all the way from lash line to eyebrows. Maybe if she'd done bare lids, it would have harmonized more. Or, even better, a peach or a pink for the lipstick and everyone would be happy. 

Jennifer is wearing: BB Cream in Fair • Powder • Blush in My Rose • Eyeshadow in Gris-Gris • Eyeliner in Black • Mascara in Over Black • Lipstick in Prune Daisy

Emma Roberts

Wow! The Emmas are neck-and-neck for my top looks of the night. This is so fantastically dramatic—feels like they worked the entire look around those dangling turquoise earrings. The strong brows, fringe of lashes and black tight-lining balance them out and she wisely went for a completely nude lip and the barest hint of tone-on-tone blush. Makeup artist Dawn Broussard used Neutrogena products and I'm hoping to find out which ones tomorrow—I'll bet the lip crayon that Jennifer Garner wore is one of them! Update: For the full list of exact products Dawn used, see my makeup breakdown here.

Sandra Bullock

I think Sandra looks great here; definitely the best of the three red carpet looks we've seen on her so far in 2014 (see here and here). Her hair's been pulled into a casual, low-slung pony draped over one shoulder, which is a young and effortlessly sexy style—a really great choice for her. Perhaps a bit heavy on the foundation, but I like her softly defined eyes and the berry lips.

Rashida Jones

I'm a Rashida beauty fan, so of course I thought this was super-adorbs. This girl does the cutest top knot with bangs and needs to wear this hairstyle all the time. (Of course it was done by a celebrity stylist, John Ruggiero, but it looks totally effortless.) Makeup, by Kathy Jeung, features this wicked bordeaux lip colour—a shade that worked better on Rashida than J-Law!

Rashida is wearing: Face mist • Face oil • Eye cream • Primer • CC Cream in Medium/Dark • Powder • Bronzer in Medium • Blush in Ibiza • Blush in Maui • Brow pencil • Brow gel in Clear • Eyeshadow in Dark Neutral • Eyeliner • Mascara in Black • Lip primer • Lip liner in Red/Wine • Lipstick in Bordeaux

Jessica Chastain

Usually, I love Jessica come awards season. Last year, I thought she absolutely killed it in terms of perfect Old Hollywood style. This time? I am on the fence about this hairdo. It was by Oribe, and it is indeed very Oribe. I love the idea of this (over-the-top '80s glam), but I don't know if she quite pulls it off. The makeup, by Kristofer Buckle, I am on board with except for the false eyelashes. Also, this is another example of a lip colour that harmonizes with her hair (warm) instead of contrasting (cool). Update: For the full list of exact products Kristofer used, plus how to copy this hairstyle, see my makeup and hair breakdown here.

Drew Barrymore

I am loving Drew lately! This look is quite similar to what we saw at the People's Choice Awards, except with a lip that's a little less matte and more pink, and hair parted on the side. Again, must be something about those pregnancy hormones because she is just radiant. Has she ever looked this gorgeous? I think not. Update: Her lipstick is her own Flower Lip Suede Velvet Lip Chubby in Red-dy to Bloom.

Cate Blanchett

I know everyone worships Cate Blanchett in terms of her fashion choices, but beauty-wise? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't like what's happening here. It's the hair that I'm not feeling. It was rolled under in a faux retro wavy bob, and I think it's a little aging. It looks too formal, whereas if she'd gone for something looser, edgier and more textured, I think it would be way more flattering. The makeup is fine, maybe a bit powdery on the complexion, but mainly it's let down by the hair. Update: Her lipstick is a custom mix of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in #502, Scarletto (raspberry rose) and #509, Boudoir (nude rose).

Reese Witherspoon

OMG, Reese cut her hair—where have I been? My research tells me it was celeb stylist Renato Campora who gave her this "modern angular bob." I love the length and the sharp, blunt ends... but the bangs look pretty thin and pointy. Plus, there are a few strange coppery highlight stripes on the top... of course, could just be bad lighting. As for the makeup, it was done by Mai Quynh, whose work I love. I think the coppery shadow (Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Fire Glow, which Mai has used before on Reese) is super-flattering with blue eyes. For the full list of exact products Mai used, see my makeup breakdown here.

Kate Mara

More hair news; Kate Mara's gone blonde! It's a fine job on the colour but I much prefer her as a brunette—I think she's far more striking that way. That aside, this look is pretty spot-on. Love the messy texture and volume in her updo and the soft, smudgy rimmed eyes. See how the liner goes literally ALL the way around? Lots of Q-Tip clean-up to get that done. For the full list of exact products her makeup artist Coleen Campbell-Olwell used, see my makeup breakdown here.

Mila Kunis

Aw, Mila looks sad here. But she shouldn't be—this eye makeup is her signature smoky goodness. Just look at that shimmery taupe extended almost to the brows, with black in the waterlines and more softly smudged shadow all the way around. Hair is totally slicked back because when you have almond eyes like that, you don't need much else. Update: Mila is wearing Lancôme Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow in Timeless Taupe on her eyes, and the lip colour is Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in #104, Skin.

Sofia Vergara

Here's Sofia Vergara looking exactly the same as she has at every other awards show in the history of this website, at least. Well, except for the hair—did you notice she's gone blonder? I don't mind it. Really, I'm more focused on pressing matters such as the eyebrows (why can't they be tamed?) and does her lipstick always have to be so thick and heavy? Finally, do I even have to mention Sofia's eyelashes? 

Sofia is wearing: Foundation in Perfect Beige • Blush in Roses • Eyeliner in Chocolate Kiss • Eyeshadow in Gold Goddess • Mascara • Lipstick in Flame

Amy Adams

I always love Amy when she wears her hair down in retro waves, because she does them SO well, but this updo is pretty great as far as updos go. (Probably she had to wear her hair up because of the dress—but if it were me, ability to wear hair down would always be a deciding factor.) Anyway, I love the four braids that connect in a loose bun at the top. Makeup is by Stephen Sollitto, who dropped in to the comments the other day to let us know that Amy's face is 100 percent au naturel. Thank you Stephen! I think he did a fab job on the makeup—beautiful sheer peach lip and cheeks, mascara on the top lashes and a touch of shimmer around the eyes. The lip gloss is a custom mix of Laura Mercier creme Lip Colour in Discretion and Tangerine, and that shadow is Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Terracotta. Update: For the full list of exact products Stephen used, plus how to copy this hairstyle, see my makeup and hair breakdown here.

Zooey Deschanel

I don't know about this, guys. I get it, Zooey is supposed to be so "quirky" and "unique", but something about this is a little old-ladyish, no? At the same time, I do appreciate that it's different—looking at the sea of tousled waves and slicked-back 'dos can get a little boring. Maybe it's just the flower that is bugging me, because I do love a side bun. I think the makeup is gorge—love the creamy red lip, porcelain skin with flushed cheeks and long lashes. Update: Zooey's lips were first stained with Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Bold, and then Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in Delighted was layered over top to add shine.

Amber Heard

Well, this is interesting. The hairstyle is teased to the heavens, and one could argue it's kind of bird's nest-like... but I'm on for this ride. (Amber is so model-esque, she can really do no wrong.) I also strangely find myself liking brown makeup for maybe the first time ever. Makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen used the Hourglass Vol. 6 Eye Palette to create dimension; the bronzey shimmer is from the Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Gypsy. On her lips is Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet creme Lipstick in Whisper, a pinky beige shimmer. Update: For the full list of exact products Matthew used on her, see my makeup breakdown here.

Julia Roberts

Not understanding why Julia chose to wear a white dress shirt under a strapless dress, but at least she's looking good from the neck up. Hair is maybe a bit old fashioned, but I love the makeup. Beautiful job on the softly smoky eyes and peachy blush with a pinky beige lip. The skin finish is also pretty good. Update: The lipstick Julia is wearing is Lancôme Rouge in Love in Lasting Kiss.

Sarah Hyland

This is a totally different look to what we're used to seeing Sarah Hyland in, and I love it. She looks so fresh-faced and ethereal with the barely-there makeup, plus the textured updo with a braid acting as headband. Makeup artist Allan Avendaño used Dior Capture Total Dreamskin as an illuminating skin perfector/primer, and then Dior Capture Totale Foundation. I think the strong brows help define the otherwise neutral face. Lips were prepped with Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, lined with Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil in Grege and then filled in with the brand new Dior Rouge Lipstick in Rose Crinoline from the spring collection (just came out this month!).

Taylor Swift

We're back to classic Taylor here, circa 2011 or 2012—before she started mixing it up with the straight hair and bangs. The bright red lip, the black wingy liner on the upper lash line only and the tight curls in a faux bob should be very familiar to you. They're alright, but I'm not, like, excited or anything. Been there, done this.

Heidi Klum

I had a friend who once remarked about a mutual acquaintance, "That woman can make a pair of YSL shoes look cheap like nobody else." It was true. And I feel the same way about Heidi Klum. I don't know what is wrong, exactly, but there is a similar aura always. I do like her hair here—gorgeous colour and perfect, eyebrow-skimming bangs. Makeup is lovely too—look at that cool highlight around her eyes. So what is the problem then? Beats me... but tell me if you know what I'm talking about.

Tina Fey

When I look at this hairstyle up close, it seems like it could be a mistake—seeing as half-up hair is not particularly of the moment. But then zoomed out, when I see how it pairs with her strapless gown, it makes total sense. It's the only style that would've done that dress justice, and the volume at the crown makes it special enough for a red carpet. Makeup is by Gita Bass (who did MY makeup last year and is soooo talented). I know for a fact she prefers to use Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Clé de Peau concealer, both all-star, hall-of-fame skin makeup products. Maybe that is the same NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Baroque that she used on me?

Naomi Watts

Naomi went for a golden palette here, and I'm appreciating both the simplicity of it and how the makeup colours harmonize with her gorgeous hair colour. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff used Lancôme Rouge in Love in Lasting Kiss, a nude pinkish brown, on her lips, which is echoed on the cheeks (that Lancôme Blush Subtil in Menage à Trois again). Notice how strong her brows are—Pati filled them in with Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Blonde.

Kerry Washington

And I'm blown away by yet another pregnant lady! I think this has to be my favourite Kerry look of all time. Her skin is perfect, with no foundation or concealer issues that I can detect; the eyeshadow alone is a work of art. Her longtime makeup artist Carola Gonzalez did a beautiful, shimmery smoky eye with a defined outer edge. It's complemented by the peach cheeks and nude, glossy lips. Hairstylist Marcus Francis did a beautiful smooth blowout with a tiny bit of wave. Perfection. 

Kerry is wearing: Moisturizer • Primer • Mattifying primer • Bronzer • Eyeshadow in Forever Platinum • Eyeshadow in Lasting Taupe • Eyeshadow in Constant Copper • Eyeliner in Cosmic Black • Mascara in Carbon Black • Lipstick in Warm Caramel

Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch was wearing the dress I'd probably choose for myself (an hourglass-creating Romona Keveza in sunshiney yellow), and this is likely what I'd do with my hair and face, too. (Because hey—I'd like to pull an Emma Watson, but we're not all born with that kind of canvas.) Melissa's wavy side bun and bangs with soft makeup is a more universally flattering—and forgiving—look. I'm especially loving all these celebs with the coppery or rose gold shimmer around the eyes; Melissa is yet another example.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate always looks flawless and knows exactly how to balance the right amount of casualness (the textured, twisted side bun) with big-night details like the smoky eyes. She has incredible skin and sure, she may have dabbled with a few needles here and there, but at age 40 she looks exceptional. On her eyes is a mix of Jouer Eye Shadows in Opal, Suede and Chocolat, and the lip gloss is Jouer Lip Gloss in Cherish.

Helen Mirren

Dame Helen had fantastic makeup—a sheer pink lip, lashes, bit of sparkle under the eyes and a natural texture to her skin. Her hair isn't being shown off to its best at this angle, but it's a really cute, wavy bob with more volume on one side. I love the matchy-matchy green dress and earrings.

Lupita Nyong'o

I had no idea who she was before the Golden Globes, but I predict we're going to be seeing a lot more from Lupita Nyong'o—who looks the most model-esque of anyone on this red carpet. She not only stands out because of her perfectly symmetrical features and glowing skin, but also because she's rocking this sleek, short, minimalist hairstyle. I appreciate that it's her natural hair texture, and how hairstylist Larry Sims made it look so cool with the strong side part and volume on one side. The makeup, by Nick Barose, was channelling Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Eyes are a tad bloodshot, but I love the curve of the liner. Update: The lipstick Lupita is wearing is Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Pirate.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams looks fantastic when she does up her eyes, no? At the People's Choice Awards, I loved when she wore this indigo liner underneath her lower lash line. For the Globes, she went for a higher-impact look, with black in the waterlines (all the way around) and a silvery grey eyeshadow blended above and underneath that. (Her eyes are a little bloodshot too, come to think of it.) Fresh skin and a pinky nude lip—instead of brownish, yay!—completed the look. Notice also how she's dressed up her hair in a really easy way. It's stick-straight with a defined part deep on one side, and then tucked behind the ears. The sleekness of it totally works with the bolder earrings and eye makeup. Update: For the full list of the exact products her makeup artist Lauren Andersen used, plus how to copy her hairstyle, see my makeup and hair breakdown here.

Emilia Clarke

I'm most drawn to Emilia Clarke's hair here instead of the makeup (although it's obviously good, too). As I mentioned above, I'm a "hair down" kind of girl and these loose, soft, touchable waves are what I aspire to—that is, if my own hair could hold a curl to save its life. See how they're not so piecey? And a tiny bit textured but not messy or frizzy? That's why they are so much better than most of the curls we see out of Hollywood. You already know the man behind them, Mark Townsend, who is a celebrity hair god as far as I'm concerned. (Read his dry shampoo tips if you missed them!) After curling with a 1 1/2" curling iron, he got the texture from Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, an excellent splurgey hair product.

Elisabeth Moss

Is Elisabeth Moss wearing Belle Jolie lipstick? I guess we'll never know because I can't track down the name of this cranberry shade. I like the red on her, but I would like very much for her to start filling in her eyebrows, which seem too light compared to her hair. (I had this problem once myself when I had a temporarily lapse from my blonderexia and went dark. The eyebrows were a big problem. Never again!!) Speaking of hair, I think this colour is too dark for Elisabeth as well. Maybe it's from the dye—it looks dull instead of smooth and shiny. If she was going for a cool textured look here, it didn't quite succeed.

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery looks really good here, maybe the best I've ever seen. But... I can't help but feel like she's a bit librarian-ish on the red carpet and could do with shaking things up for a change. For example, I would love to see her hair back and off her face instead of it always being in a bob. Not that this style is bad actually—it just comes across a bit conservative with her features. I can see this bouncy blowout being sexier, say, on Drew Barrymore—remember that over-the-top 'do she wore to the Oscars a few years back? Or think Marilyn Monroe.

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann is so good on the red carpet. Right? I'm always surprised at how much I like what she's doing and wearing. This is the perfect mix of casualness (the blown-out straight hair tossed over one shoulder) with dressy (the amazing coral lipstick whose name eludes me). She doesn't have the thickest lips but look, she's rocking the bright lip anyway and it looks hot! I also like that she didn't overwhelm her delicate features with false lashes or heavy brows/shadow/liner.

Margot Robbie

Gosh, could Margot Robbie get any prettier? This is how they make 'em Down Under, folks. The Aussie actress didn't need to do much to enhance her natural beauty here, just a slight deepening of her lips' natural colour, blush, mascara and some definition on the eyebrows. If we want to nit-pick, maybe the blush could be blended a bit better.

Kaley Cuoco

Well, this is a big improvement! Kaley's hair looks so much nicer when it's blown out perfectly straight like this, and arranged over one shoulder. Colour is pretty good and it flatters her skin tone. The makeup I am 99 percent on board with. I like that she took a risk with this green shadow, and that it's been applied on both the top and bottom lids. I just don't think the brown smoked out edges are necessary. Kinda dates it, right? Emma Watson would have never. Update: Kaley's green eyes are from Mark On The Dot Smokey Eye Color Compact (two top right shades) and the Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner in Emerald.

Kyra Sedgwick

We don't see nearly enough natural curls on the red carpet, if you ask me. I think Kyra's have been helped along a bit with an iron, and I'd love for them to be a bit less separated-looking, but I applaud her for doing this over a smooth blow-dry. Her makeup is excellent, by the way—nothing heavy, just lashes, blush and a stained-looking lip.

Maria Menounos

If only Maria didn't look so shiny here, I'd say this was one of her best showings. Not sure if she was purposely going for the dewy look or if it was just hot out there, but I'm not loving the skin texture so much. What I do like is how she looks in pink (great colour for her), her hair and eyebrow colour (also very flattering), the ponytail and her eye makeup. If she ditched the lip liner and lip gloss, put her blush on the apples instead of weirdly under her cheekbones and stopped trimming her eyebrows, we could really have something here! But, she comes from TV world, so her ways with makeup are understandable, even if they're misguided.

Julianna Margulies

Julianna nailed it. Makeup could not be more perfect—it's sheer enough not to age her, but has just enough emphasis at the outer corners of the eyes to look dressed up. She did exactly the right thing with her updo; the side part and hair sweeping across her forehead makes very flattering.

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey has a very unique look and I think this hairstyle suits her to a T. It's a good colour and length on her, although maybe a bit too matted down on the top from hairspray—like it would feel crispy if you touched it. Makeup is nice and subtle. I'm finding myself actually liking that shimmery taupe extended way above her crease, even though I usually don't like it with this eye shape.

Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn has perfect skin and I like how you can really see it here; it's not covered up by much foundation. However, it's not being shown off to its best advantage when her hair and eyebrows are the same golden colour. The best thing she could do would be to darken her brows slightly. It would make a world of difference—her face is just crying out to be framed!

Bérénice Bejo

Remember Bérénice from the Oscars two years ago? She's since dyed her hair—and brows—a much better colour, this dark brown that brings out her eyes. I think she pulls off the volume at the top of her updo but between the red lipstick, giant gold earrings and neckline of her flamenco outfit, there is a lot going on.

Paula Patton

Let's just say Paula was having a bad beauty day. I think she looks fantastic when she does fresh skin and long, loose hair. The formality of this rolled-under faux bob doesn't quite suit her or flatter her... and her skin has a heavy, powdery texture that makes her look costumey. Plus, her eyebrows are already strong so no need to make them even thicker.

Amy Poehler

I think it was in Us Weekly that I read a quote from Amy Poehler about how she never reads Twitter; it's because people say things like, "Call me crazy, but I think Amy Poehler's attractive." (Um, thank you?) I feel like I've alluded to something like that, but the fact is, her hair and makeup are getting better and better. (Remember how great she looked here?) The longer hair is pretty and her strong features do well with the soft makeup.

Robin Wright

Eat your heart out, Sean Penn. Robin Wright is one woman who gets better with age. At 47, she has such confidence and elegance with her short haircut, beautiful skin and minimal makeup. I think most of all what radiated from her at the Golden Globes, which she attended with her husband-to-be, was happiness. Yay Robin!

Elsa Pataky

Thought you'd all like to see a shot of Elsa Pataky, queen of the short haircut. Last time we checked in with her, she had a shorter 'do with the most amazing side-swept long bangs. At the Globes, it's clear she is growing her hair out, and I like this style too. She's another one who looks so, so happy. I guess you would be if you were on the arm of Chris Hemsworth. They are expecting twins!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Like Elsa, Jenna chose to pose at the Globes with her man, so I don't have the perfect makeup close-up... but what I see from here, I likey. She reminds me of Mila Kunis with those eyebrows, and has the same type of almond-shaped eyes that can handle a ton of shadow. The gold shadow with the red lipstick is a really pretty combo, and she's made the same move as Allison Williams with her hair.

Uma Thurman

Can't quite see what's going on with Uma's makeup in this picture, but we can see her hair. It's not just any updo; it's a curly updo. I'm totally into it. The curls make it soft and give it some natural, flattering texture.

Taylor Schilling

Not the most modern or interesting hair and makeup choices on Taylor Schilling. If I was styling her, I'd part her hair deep on one side instead of down the middle, which doesn't really flatter her. Then I'd wipe off all that brown eyeshadow and keep her eyes really clean with a brighter red lip. This look is neither here nor there, and I feel she needs something—like a bold lip—to make a statement.

Minnie Driver

OMG, blast from the past. Minnie Driver, like Kyra Sedgwick, wore her curls au naturel at the Globes. Now, I don't claim to know a lot about curly hair, but isn't this exactly the kind of cut you don't want to have with this hair texture? It's sort of borderline triangular and again we have the issue of unseparated curls. I think she needs to grow it out to shoulder-length and muss it up a bit. Also add some product—Kyra's curls look so smooth and soft, whereas Minnie's look frizzy.

Julie Bowen

So surprised that Julie Bowen is my biggest miss of the night. She's been among my faves in seasons past, but made the grave mistake of wearing a brown makeup palette and an updo that look straight out of the early '80s. Could this not fit in over at Awkward Family Photos? (She's even wearing velvet and puffed sleeves!) Could have been fixed if they parted her hair on the side instead of the centre part with wings... and she needs a wipe taken to her face. Her complexion looks muddy, almost dirty. She'd be much better served by a sheer foundation, pinky lip, some blush and no lip liner. (PS: Can we all appreciate the makeup artist Kate Lee, who did Emma Watson's makeup and is on record as not liking lip liner? Hallelujah.)

Who had the best hair and makeup of the night?

Which looks aren't you feeling?

Have you tried any of the products they used?

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