SAG Awards 2014: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards? See all the close-ups here!

Not sure how you'll feel, but I was kinda bored by most of the red carpet looks at the SAG Awards on Saturday night. (Look at me, talking like I was there.) We've been spoiled for beauty goodness so far this season, with Margot Robbie's liquid liner, Jessica Chastain's orange lipsEmma Watson's enviable skin... and Lupita Nyong'o's everything. So this show felt a little flat. Not bad, just flat. With a few notable exceptions.

Come look at all the pics and you'll see what I mean...

Kerry Washington

Kerry was definitely one of my faves from this event, no matter what she was wearing. (Apparently a crop top?) I just think her face here is stunning—the woman has perfect, perfect features. She looks a bit Louis Vuitton spring 2013 with the headband, and I'm seriously in awe of how her makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez, did her lashes. The lip is a Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick, of course.

Emilia Clarke

Really, really into this look on Emilia, who is one of my up and coming beauty crushes—probably a full-fledged one now. First of all, she's got those Lily Collins-esque brows, which frame her face so well, they basically stand in for eye makeup. That's what she did here, just going for mascara and blush with a soft berry lip. (Is it weird to say I love the shape of her lips and teeth?) Then she's got her hair in a loose... well, I'm not quite sure what it is, a bun? Or just pinned? Whatever, I like it.

Abigail Breslin

I pointed out Abigail's insane skin at the Critics' Choice Awards, and I'm going to repeat that now. Will you look at it? I don't know if a plumper, smoother, dewier cheek ever existed. I want some of this girl's collagen. Makeup is perhaps a touch heavy on the eyes for a 17-year-old, but it's still exquisite. The lip and cheek colours are gorge on her.

Lupita Nyong'o

Obviously Lupita is another front-runner. She hasn't made a bad beauty move yet this awards season, and this is another example of just how creative she's been with her hair and makeup looks. Her short hair is different yet again—her hairstylist Ted Gibson gave it lots more height, and the makeup looks like she's come straight off the runway. Nick Barose used the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow palette in Fascination for the blue, and Chanel Ombre Essentialle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Amethyst for the purple; the lipstick is Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick in Passion.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts does not really age, does she? This is by far my favourite look of hers so far this awards season—her hair worn down, long and loose is just her signature. Way better than the updo. Her skin looks absolutely flawless here, and I love that the low-key makeup is made special with a flash of silver shadow at the inner corners.

Amy Adams

Here's my girl Amy looking cute as a button in some kind of rolled faux bob hairstyle. It's again got that slightly vintage feel to it, which suits her so much better than the braided updo she wore to the Globes (even though it was cool, technique-wise). She also, I think, looks best with fresh skin and some kind of lip, like this bright orangey red.

Melissa Rauch

Objectively she's wearing a bit too much blush, and her lip choice isn't very on-trend, but I still think Melissa looks super-pretty here. I love her bangs, the emerald drop earrings and how she didn't go too crazy with the tendrils at the sides. I suspect she's one of those girls who looks best playing up the eyes instead of the lips, but one day I would like to see her reverse them.

Sandra Bullock

Another pretty red carpet look for Sandra B. Whoever she's got on her beauty team this year, she needs to keep close at hand! Once again, she's gone with fairly strong blush with a matching lip, but this time in peach; the eyes in browns look strong but soft. Kinda loving her textured updo as well, and I think going sans earrings makes it look younger. (You'll see more what I mean when we get to Jennifer Garner in a second.)

Cate Blanchett

Whoa—Cate went hard-core into the pink here, wearing it on her eyelids, cheeks AND lips. I don't mind it—it's definitely flattering with her colouring—but I don't think it's as cool as the orange lipstick she wore to the Critics' Choice Awards. Her hair is pulled back into a loose, deconstructed bun, and that's fine.

Isla Fisher

Haven't seen Isla Fisher in forevs! She's doing her usual thing here of glammy long waves and a red lip. I really like how she didn't do much on her eyes except for the mascara—on her, a heavier eye with the lipstick would probably look too overdone. Love her hair, as per usual.

Elisabeth Moss

Is Elisabeth Moss wearing her hair this dark for a role? Because I repeat: not flattering. It's bothering me that her eyebrows are so much lighter, and the dark hair is also bringing out every imperfection in her skin (which was great to start with). Those problems aside, this matte red lip is the best choice she could have made. At least it brings it out the whiteness of her teeth and her blue eyes.

Michelle Dockery

Here's another matte red lip on Michelle Dockery, and it's really good on her. The colour makes for a lovely contrast with her super-pale skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Also nice to see her with her hair back for a change—for many, a bob on a red carpet can be hard to dress up.

Jennifer Lawrence

I don't like Jen's hair here. I just don't. Probably it has something to do with the lighting, because it's the same style she wore to the Globes, but here it just looks so choppy and ashy. Like bad highlights accenting a bad haircut. Am I alone on this? All I want is for her hair to grow back and then I can return to adoring her again. Makeup is fine; notice the nice contrast of real skin with the semi-dramatic eyes.

Claire Danes

Now this is interesting. Claire isn't usually my favourite on the red carpet, but I'm appreciating what makeup artist Matin Maulawizada called a "Roxy Music-inspired" look. He used Laura Mercier creme Eye Liner in Cobalt to accentuate the otherwise neutral, shimmery, smoky eyes, concentrating it underneath the pupils. I also like a darker hair colour on her versus the blonde; this matches her eye colour. But why does her hair always look a bit messy?

Jennifer Garner

It's a bad angle, yes. But here's what I was talking about with the updo and earrings. I don't think either are working for poor Jen here, and instead are kind of aging and dating her. Simply removing those things would've made a huge improvement, I think. However, in general I feel she looks better with her hair down. I know that can be a problem when you're wearing a ballgown, but shouldn't beauty come first? Beauty over fashion, dammit! Makeup is okay; I just wouldn't have done so very much shadow on the lids. It's a little distracting.

Malin Akerman

It's hard to take a beautiful woman like Malin Akerman and make her look blah... but I feel like that's what's happened here. Everything seems to be the same colour, and I don't love how the lipstick completely wipes out her lips altogether. Also, why is her hair white on one side? Is it the lighting? A blast of dry shampoo?

Jane Krakowski

I've mentioned before how much I love this hairstyle on Jane Krakowski. It's most definitely her Life Cut. Could be a lot of people's—the collarbone-length, straight, side-parted bob is very versatile and flattering. However, I'm not fan of those lowlights in her hair; they're waaay too obvious and look stripey. Would also like a more matte instead of goopy lip.

Anna Gunn

Not bad, Anna. Her hair looks incredibly thick here, which is great. I would still like to see her with darker eyebrows. I understand why she's done such dramatic lashes, since she has that heavy-lidded eye type that can't handle shadow. (Got it myself.) They look a bit spidery, however, and I think there could be more lash emphasis on the bottom without dragging her face down.

Maria Menounos

Also not bad. Maria's a TV girl, so she has that natural inclination to go too heavy on her makeup, but this is pretty low-key. Like Sandra Bullock, she has the eye colour and shape to pull off tons of lashes, brown shadow and liner. I also like that her skin is more matte here instead of the overly dewy (read: greasy) look she had at the Globes. Like we saw on a few other peeps, she's wearing that hair trend that's been happening for a few seasons now: stick-straight and tucked back behind the ears.

Katrina Bowden

Katrina is so gorgeous, but I wish she'd attend to her hair colour properly. She hid the roots well in a ballerina bun the last time we saw her, at the Emmys (and looked super-pretty there), but this time they're in full display with her hair long and straight. It really takes away from her look, don't you think? Also, she's got the Malin Akerman issue in terms of the colour palette—so much sameness. I'd really like to see Katrina with a cleaner eye and a more statement-making lip. Oh, and the brows need some better shaping. I'm pretty sure Mary would say they're curving too much.

Julie Bowen

Well, this is a big improvement over the last time we saw Julie, where she was my least favourite (that's a nice way of saying "worst") at the Globes. At least this makeup isn't so muddy and I like the gold shimmer on her eyelids. It's... fine.

Morena Baccarin

I love this eye makeup on Morena—it emphasizes her eyes without going to the default red carpet move of false lashes. It works because she has so much lid space to play with, and a nice curve to her eyes and brows. She really gets away with the black in the waterlines, purplish shadow and touch of shimmer, yet wisely keeps the lips almost bare. I also like her side-parted wavy bob.

Hannah Simone

Hannah looks like she's going to the prom with this hairstyle. I guess I should never say never, but I think I'm over this kind of updo with height at the top and messy pieces around the face. The bangs save it a bit, but I would prefer her in something sharper and cleaner. The makeup is okay with the exception of the shine on her cheek. (If it's sweat, fine, but if it's some kind of shine-enhancer, it's greasy-making in that spot.)

Portia de Rossi

It's too bad about the overly arched (*cough* Botoxed *cough*) brows, but otherwise Portia's looking good these days. I don't know what this hairstyle is, but it's kinda cute on her, and she looks great in the minimal makeup.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Okay, this is a LOT better than Julia's Critics' Choice showing. Here, she actually looks like she made an effort. A bit too much blush, but otherwise the smoky eyes and straightened hair are working well for her.

Amanda Peet

Pretty sure I've said this before, but Amanda Peet has always struck me as one of those girls who absolutely hates getting dressed up—there's always a slight messiness to her look. Probably it has to do with her hair, which is cute (love the bangs) but I think would look nicer if it was more smooth and uniform. But she has incredible blue eyes and they're shown off really well by that pretty lip stain.

Natalie Dormer

I didn't know anything about Natalie Dormer before this awards show, but apparently this was her debut of the half-shaved head. Eeks! Can you imagine growing this out? I have problems just with normal bangs! I also feel it makes her look extremely masculine, despite the pretty makeup. Reminds me of what Cara Delevingne did for the Met Ball, except she wasn't as extreme and just braided the one side back.

Anna Chlumsky

God, no. Anna actually has quite nice lips, but this orange colour is making them look a touch yellow, and I don't think it works at all with her skin tone. It accentuates the ruddiness and uneven tone instead of softening it, as a more muted pink or peach would do. I also think Anna should never wear her hair in this unflattering centre-parted style, and would be wise to re-think the brown colour and go back to blonde. Seriously, go look her up in Google Images. She's a much prettier girl than this.

Sasha Alexander

This is very good. Not exciting, but good. Sasha has great skin and brows, and eyes that can handle a lot of makeup. I think the smoky shadow, pink blush and soft waves are all working great.

Mariah Carey

So Mariah Carey looks... different. How do I say this? Her face looks like she's gained weight, but her body doesn't seem to have changed. (I wonder if it's a side effect of some medication?) At any rate, it's still classic Mariah with the blonde waves and pink lip gloss. And you know what? I think she looks pretty good.

Edie Falco

Can't find too much wrong with this one. Sure, her skin is on the shiny side of dewy, but I can live with it. And I very much like Edie's hair colour and style. Too bad it's not more smooth and that side bang isn't more solid.

Sofia Vergara

Yes, I rated Mariah Carey higher than Sofia Vergara. It happens. She went waaay too far on the spray tan (has she not got the memo that dark tans are out now?), and is it just me or are the eyebrows more out of control than ever? I also don't like when people do a dark, wine-coloured lip with bronzed skin. Just doesn't sit right. Sofia remains top candidate in my celebrity makeunder wishlist.

Kaley Cuoco

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... there's Kaley's heavy, heavy blue eyeshadow. Apparently she loved that look when she did it in green for the Golden Globes, but I think this time it's even darker and is taking over her face that much more. So unnecessary. I also think it fights for attention with the pink blush and pink lip gloss—if you're gonna do a heavy eye, you have to be super-modern, neutral and clean everywhere else. Plus, her highlights are looking streaky and ashy in this light.

Whew—after all that, I think there's only one person who can get the prize for the prettiest of the night, and that's...

Jared Leto

Right? I mean, he has great Ombré and not a wrinkle to be found at age 42.

Who had the best hair and makeup?
The worst?
Which look are you the most inspired by?

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