Rimmel Stay Blushed Is the Best Cream Blush Since YSL

These new drugstore cheek tints wear like high-end cream blushes and I'm kind of freaking out right now.

No joke, Rimmel London have just come out with a set of blushes that are kinda like my beloved YSL creme de Blush, except in a tube. And probably with an even nicer result on the skin (gasp!).

I'm pretty excited because although I've found decent drugstore blushes in powder and stick formats before, I've never seen this unique texture at this level. It's like a cross between a gel and a creamy mousse—which makes the name, Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tints, a bit perplexing. They're not liquid at all and dry down into a beautiful, natural-looking stain. (Except not a stain, because they come right off with my Bioderma Créaline H2O.)

There are five shades in the line, and I was sent these three to try:

They come out quite pigmented and again, the texture reminds me of the YSL cream blush but less powdery and with zero shimmer.

Although 001 Pop of Pink does sound great, I have a feeling that the three shades I tried are the most natural-looking of the bunch—since we are talking about the cheeks here, not lips, and warmer colours tend to be a bit easier to wear. I thought 004 Sunkissed Cherry was the perfect compromise between peach and pink blush (it's somewhere in between). And 003 Peach Flush and 005 Apricot Glow were both great for a warmer blush look, the latter being a bit softer.

Here's what they look like blended down:

Very seamless and stain-like. They really sink into the skin instead of sitting on top and looking obvious. Plus, you're not left with a creamy/oily feel on your cheeks—which is one thing that's always bugged me about some popular cream blushes, like the Stila Convertible Colors. With these, you can rub your fingers right over your skin and it feels totally dry and normal. And the colour won't transfer at all.

Actually, that brings me to the wear time. These last soooo long, guys. The promise is 24 hours, which I'll admit I do not require (does anyone?), but I wore these for at least 10 and they were still going strong. If you're a blush addict like me, this is important—so many of 'em frustratingly disappear on your face within hours. These won't.

Note that the tubes are pretty small—just a little bigger than a lipstick—but rest assured, you only need to squeeze out a tiny amount per wearing. I'd err on the side of less, not more, so you don't overdo it. You can keep building up to your desired colour without looking cakey in the slightest.

Can you tell I love these? And the price ($6.99 for us Canadians) is ridic.

Where to buy

Find the Rimmel London Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tints at drugstores and mass retailers. The full lineup is online at Well.caASOS did have some shades but is already out of stock so you may want to check back.

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