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OPI Is Bringing Brazil To Our Fingertips for Spring 2014

OPI's Carnaval of Color collection is full of Brazilian beauties. Are you ready for Rio?

There’s just one country we have to thank for the most unpleasant of down-there waxes and barely-there bikini bottoms. That same country is also known for its seriously beautiful women, including Adriana Lima (my girl crush), Gisele Bündchen and Lais Ribeiro. Ah, Brazil; you are hot and you produce even hotter people. (Francisco Lachowski. ‘Nuff said.)

This spring, Brazil is also the inspiration for OPI’s soon-to-be-released colour collection, called Carnaval of Color. The spirit and flavour of Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador, Bahia and São Paolo are infused in this 12-shade collection that's as hot as the beaches—and brasileiros.

It's divided into two palettes: six muted shades evoke the sandy, lush side of Brazil, while the other six are bold, bright and energetic. Here’s the breakdown:

Next Step...The Bikini Zone

Next Stop...The Bikini Zone is an “amethyst-toned pewter.” This shade is the dark horse of the collection. As you'll see, it doesn’t quite seem to go with the Brazil theme or with the other colours, most of which are cremes. That said, it was nice on the nail, but far from my favourite. The first coat was sheer, but it could be built up, and I was happy with two coats. I like how it shifts colours in the light, but overall wasn’t too impressed with this one.

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is the ideal creamy nude. It’s not too light and not too dark; it's just the right shade for when you’re feeling a classic, clean mani. Or when you want your fingertips and toes to disappear into the sand. Oh summer, where are you?

Taupe-less Beach

I'm currently sporting Taupe-less Beach while writing this review, and can confirm it’s a great colour. This taupe shade is a nice neutral that I can see working with all skin tones. It would look even better accented by some of the brights in this collection. Two coats was more than enough for this one.

I São Paulo Over There

I São Paulo Over There, besides being so cleverly named, is a mocha-toned colour that I can totally deal with. Usually I'm not a fan of brown-leaning shades, but this one has enough grey in it to balance it out. Another great neutral with even better application.

OPI Scores a Goal!

OPI Scores a Goal! is described as a “rich chocolate” shade, but after two coats, it turned out to be more of a maroon-purple, which I much prefer to brown. I like this colour, but it is definitely more fall/winter appropriate than spring. It was ridiculously opaque and smooth as butter to apply.


AmazON...AmazOFF is a jade green with a crelly (creme-jelly) formula. That means it’s not opaque enough to be a creme colour, not thin enough to be a jelly polish, but instead is a mix of the two. Upon seeing the bottle, I thought it was a dead ringer for Fly, from the Nicki Minaj collection, but AmazON…AmazOFF is much more green-toned. This one is super-pretty and jewel-like. Definitely one I swooned over after my two-coat application.

I Just Can’t Cope-acabana

I’m no fan of yellow polish, but this one won me over. I Just Can’t Cope-acabana (cuter name, please?) is the prettiest yellow I think I’ve ever seen. It was nearly opaque in one coat, as most of the shades in this collection are, and was just flawless. It’s like a neon baby yellow (does that even make sense?). Magical, Itell you.

Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

I love, just absolutely love, Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? I can’t get over how these colours are literally neon pastels. This mango is gorgeous on the nail and I'm imagining how stunning it would be on darker skin tones—or with a summer faux tan. Plus, the opacity was swoon-worthy.

Toucan Do It If You Try

Toucan Do It If You Try is another deliciously opaque-in-one-coat neon pastel dream. I just can’t get enough. This collection is perfect.

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian was the girliest shade of them all, for obvious reasons, and I thought it was great. Again, amazing opacity and such a pretty, feminine colour that’s so wonderful for summer.


Another winner in this collection was Live.Love.Carnaval, a “festive coral.” And festive it was. I feel like I’m getting repetitive here, but it had a great, opaque formula and is a super-cute colour. I can’t help but love it.

Red Hot Rio

Red Hot Rio is a red with a subtle shimmer running throughout that’s hardly noticeable. Out of all the vibrant colours, this was probably my least fave. It’s a classic, “red-hot” shade, but I just feel like a red is a red is a red. They all sort of look the same to me, so this one was nothing to write home about. However, it did have a great formula, like all the others.

The bottom line

If you couldn’t tell, this collection really did it for me. Maybe it’s because I’m biased—after all, I am a whopping one tenth or so Brazilian—or maybe it’s just because OPI killed it. I haven’t been this impressed by an entire collection in a long, long time. Magnífico, OPI, just magnífico.

Where to buy

The OPI Brazil Collection will be at salons at spas beginning February 5th.

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