Alexa Chung's Eye Do Kit for Eyeko Creates the Ultimate Cat Eyes

Love the cat-eye flick? Alexa Chung thinks Eyeko does it best—and if you haven't tried their stuff yet, now is the time!

Go on, admire Alexa Chung's makeup in this picture. I'll give you a minute.

Isn't it perfection? Every once in a while, I come across a makeup look that I wouldn't mind settling on for life—if, in some bizarro world, we had to choose just one—and her peachy gloss, defined lashes and baby liquid liner flicks really do it for me. Daytime, nighttime, this would work anywhere and on anyone.

If, like me, you're particularly inspired by her eyes, then you'll be happy to know that Alexa, who considers herself a liquid liner connaisseur, has teamed up with Brit brand Eyeko to create a new, limited-edition eye kit. It's what she's wearing in these pictures and let me tell you, Eyeko knows a lot about mascara and liquid liner.

The packaging alone is way cool, and looks like this:

"It is probably no secret I'm a big fan of the cat-eye eyeliner flick, and after trying many different brands, Eyeko definitely is the best in creating my favourite '60s look," says Alexa. To me, that testimonial is worth a lot, since Alexa (age 30) has been in the biz for years now, and before that worked as a model. I imagine she's tried dozens of liquid liners.

In her Eyeko collab, you get two products. Their new, waterproof Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in ultra-dark Carbon Black:

And a new conditioning Eye Do Mascara, also in Carbon Black, with strengthening and lengthening properties:

They look kind of petite in these pics, but the pen is the same size as a normal pen you'd use to write with, and the mascara is full-size (even bigger than my other current mascara fave from MAC).

Of the liner, Alexa says, "the nib is the perfect shape and size to give you control. It gives you the precision to draw on the perfect cat eye. It’s pitch black and waterproof, so it doesn’t move, even on the waterline."

How did it fare for me? I loved drawing with it; it was very easy to control, like a Sharpie but better, and has a precise but soft and bendable tip (unlike most liquid liners, which are very hard). What impressed me the most, however, was how quickly it dries. Having heavy-lidded eyes, I always have to be careful about not opening my eyes too wide for a couple minutes after applying liquid liner, lest it transfer to my upper lids. This one dried down in a matter of seconds! Which made it so much easier to build up and perfect my flicks.

Here's how it looked (with the mascara):

Oops, I guess I took this pic before I did my brows with Gimme Brow! (Review here.) Anyway, you can see just how black it goes. Only gripe was a little bit of flaking, but it wasn't a big deal. I find this lasts all day long.

As for the mascara, my lashes look a bit stuck together in this photo and I don't know why, because it's actually a fantastic product in real life. (Possibly I applied too much here, and I know I didn't get the direction of my lashes to quite match up.) Anyway, I loved its airy brush and how it grabbed onto and thickened every lash without big clumps. The formula is so soft that you can keep brushing and brushing it through.

Alexa had this to say about it: "I love a '60s doe-eyed look and this gives me longer, thicker, blacker lashes without the hassle of falsies. It stays on forever but feels amazing, thanks to all the lash-enhancing magic in the mix.”

Honestly, I think it's a great little kit for the cat-eye lover and also a good way to try out Eyeko if you're new to the brand. At C$44/US$40 it's not a bad deal, since their Skinny Liquid Liner goes for C$19/US$15 and their Black Magic Mascara is C$29/US$24 alone. Again, both are full-sized products in this kit.

I want to know what you think... but first, some quick tips!

A few little cat-eye tips

Here are Alexa's: "I started doing this cat-eye flick when I was about 17 and I do it every single day, so I've had years of practice. I do the outside flick first, just one line. Then, I see if they're even and level; then I'll just draw the rest in to match it, but sometimes I do it too thick and have to start again. I am obsessed with perfecting it. My record time is about a minute and half on a good day."

My tips are to actually draw your lines with a regular black pencil liner FIRST, and then go over it with the liquid—it will make it much easier to get a nice line.

I agree to start with the outside flicks first, and it works best for me to draw them with my eyes open instead of closed. That lets you play around with where you want the flicks to go, and then you can go back and connect the lines when you close your eyes.

It also helps to have a Q-Tip and some Bioderma Sensibio H2O handy to clean up any mistakes!

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