Whoa! Camilla Belle is Wearing Bright, Matte, Purple Lipstick

Steal her exact look from the premiere of 'Cavemen'.

Camilla Belle, a.k.a. Lady of the Best Eyebrows, has long been one of my beauty favourites—and yours. Last time we saw her, it was at the stunning Art of Elysium Heaven Gala, and my search for the name of her bubblegum-pink lipstick was unsuccessful. (Sob!)

But the good news is I DID find out what she's wearing here. These pics are from the recent premiere of Camilla's new movie, Cavemen. Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman was the man behind this matte purple lipstick (which I might like even better than the pink). I've got the scoop, via his Instagram, on the full look.

First, the close-up:

This look is all about that purple, so I'll start with the lips. Reminder: Radiant Orchid is the Pantone colour of the year, and I feel like this shade is a nod to that. It's pretty much an exact match:

Brett first prepped Camilla's lips with lip balm. Very important with a matte lipstick, as any flakiness immediately ruins the finish. Then, he applied Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Color in Persistence:

Too bold for you? A less intimidating choice would be the Vision in Violet shade from Maybelline New York's new Color Elixir line.

It's still got a ton of pigment, but in a glossy finish and with the feel of a balm, so it's a lot more wearable. You must check out!

On Camilla's eyes are the neutral shadows from the SauceBox Cosmetics Creme de la Creme Palette:

"What's the secret to shimmery neutral/pewter eye glam?" says Brett. "I encased the eye with the warm neutrals, then 'glazed' over top with the pewter shimmer with a damp brush. Dries to a light reflection/cream shadow vibe."

I love the light at the inner corners of her eyes especially. (Which as you know, is becoming a micro-makeup trend lately.) A couple options besides SauceBox are Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette:

Too Faced's Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection:

And I absolutely love the look of Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette Limited Edition Nudes in Neutral Territory 2:

Brett emphasized those killer eyebrows with his own Brett Brow Duo-Shade Powder in Dark Brown (coming soon to his website). I think the dark and graphic brow powder works on Camilla because she's already a dark brunette—this might be a little too harsh on those with fairer hair colours. (In that instance, I have to recommend my favourite Gimme Brow in Light/Medium.)

Another interesting thing about this look is that Camilla isn't wearing blush. Instead, I found out over at Beauty Blitz that he used Lorac Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder to highlight instead. (With a little contouring under the cheekbones as well, using a matte taupe.)

BTW: this product is on sale right now!

I do find Camilla's skin finish a bit too heavy for my taste. I discovered the foundation is Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation—one of my go-tos. I think it only looks heavy because there are not one but TWO powders on top (MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark, and then Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15 in Golden Suntan). I much prefer to see a dewier finish, especially on such gorgeous skin like Camilla's. So don't blame this foundation; it's actually great!

The mascara was good old classic L'Oréal Paris Voluminus Mascara in Carbon Black. Definitely a makeup artist fave—my friend Andrea Claire first introduced it to me ages ago as one of the best.

Here's the finished look, one more time:

I think there's such a perfect balance between the bold brows and lips, and there's nothing else fighting for attention on her face (like blush, liner or too-strong eyeshadow). Wearing her hair casually in a straight, side-parted long bob was a great choice—you wouldn't want your hair to look too "done" with this kind of lip statement.

Would love to hear what you think!

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