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Mark's Flora Fab Makeup Bag is the Cutest Thing Ever

Chevrons, florals and a sweet low price—could you ask for anything more in a makeup bag?
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Been itching to tell you about this makeup bag ever since it arrived on my doorstep a few months ago. Finally, it's available for purchase and would you believe it's from Avon? Yep, besides the most amazing quick-dry nail polishes, they also do some darn cute makeup bags. I've been into them for a while now, but this particular design—featuring chevrons, florals and bright gold zippers—is the most stylish one yet.

Technically, it's from Avon's "juniors" line called Mark, but obvi there's no age limit on who can use this.

Handily, there are two zippered compartments for organizing your makeup stash. The fabric is nice and soft (unlike those stiff plastic-y makeup bags), so you can go really deep into the compartments. The chevron part is lined with some slightly stiffer fabric that helps it retain its shape and stay upright.

The dimensions are 4" H x 7" W x 3" D, making it a nice size to pop in your handbag (that is, if you lug around an oversized one like I do), or you could even get away with it as a clutch in the summertime. Possibly you could use it as your daily makeup storage at home, but you'd have to be a real minimalist (which I doubt anybody reading this blog is).

The best part is the price—$20 in Canada and $16 in the U.S. Sure beats Tory Burch and even anything at Sephora. Let me know what you think of this!

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