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Channel Your Inner Miss Piggy With OPI's Muppets Most Wanted Collection

The must-have shades from OPI's new Muppets-inspired collection.

I'll admit it; I'm more of a Sanrio girl (and still waiting for my Hello Kitty collection, FYI OPI). But there's still lots to love in the nail brand's newest soft shades collection—which is all about the Muppets. Out this month, the eight limited-edition shades were inspired by the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted movie, which will be in theatres March 21st. 

I channeled my inner Miss Piggy and got to work on these swatches for you. Here's what to grab before they're gone.

Miss Piggy’s Big Number

Miss Piggy’s Big Number is a pretty basic shimmer royal blue. Unfortunately, it shows brush strokes, but if you can get over that, or apply it with surgeon-like precision, then it’s a pretty nice shade.

I Love Applause

I’ll be honest with you, I Love Applause is really no different than any other sheer pink out there. But with that said, once it was applied I couldn’t stop telling myself how much I loved it. As with all light pinks, this will make your hands look super-ladylike and polished, so in my opinion it’s a must-have in any girl’s nail arsenal. It has a nice formula but is a bit on the sheer side; it took three coats to look like it did above. But they were three well-worth-it coats, because it really is a great, classic light pink.

Let’s Do Anything We Want!

I’m so obsessed with Let’s Do Anything We Want (layered over I Love Applause)! In the bottle, it really didn’t impress me. I thought the tiny rose gold and white glitters were gorgeous, but figured the larger white squares would throw it all off. Totally not! It’s the perfect addition to your nails if you’re feeling a feminine mani.

Kermit Me to Speak

I wasn’t so in love with Kermit Me to Speak. This is one of those shape-shifter shades that goes from mauve to pink to gold all at once under certain light, and while it actually looks gorge in the picture (and in the bottle), I find in person it leaves something to be desired. Trust me, it just doesn’t translate as well on the nail.

Chillin' Like a Villain

According to OPI, Chillin' Like a Villain is a “sheer nude,” but unless I’m colour blind, it looks to me like a light and creamy sherbet orange (which I much prefer). Similar to I Love Applause in terms of formula, this shade was more on the sheer side and took three coats to build up. It’s pretty! But unless you’re missing a shade like this in your collection, then it’s not necessarily a standout for me.

Gaining Mole-mentum

Gaining Mole-mentum is a unique topper, packed with shredded pink and gold glitter. I really love this one because I have nothing like it (plus have never seen anything like it) and the colour combo is super-cute, especially layered over Chillin’ Like A Villain. It looked like shattered metallic glass pieces or cut-up confetti, and it’s probably my favourite from the collection. Very pretty for spring if you want to add a little edge, or have fun with an accent nail.

Int’l Crime Caper

This shade was not my cup of tea. It's way too much on the sheer side for my taste (this is three coats!) and I'm not feeling the whole pearlescent finish. It honestly reminds me of something my grandmother would wear, so it really didn't do it for me.

Muppets World Tour

Muppets World Tour is described as a “white quartz with colourful sparkle,” and I think they hit the nail on the head. I layered this glitter over Int’l Crime Caper. This one is really packed with glitter—pink, white, gold and blue—and dries to a nice, textured finish. I opted to go sans top coat (actually, all these swatches are top coat-free) because it looked great as is. I felt like there were royal jewels encrusting my nails and really, anything that makes me feel like a royal is a keeper.

Where to Buy

The Muppets Most Wanted by OPI collection will be available for a limited time this month at professional salons and spas.

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