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OPI Just Came Out With Tinted Top Coats (OMG!)

The Sheer Tints collection includes four translucent shades, and I swatched 'em all.

OPI is on a roll this spring. Not only did they release the colourful Brazil collection, a Muppets tribute, new glitters and a magical peel-off base coat (more on those two soon!), but they're also introducing Sheer Tints, a new collection of tinted top coats.

What's a tinted top coat, you ask? Well, it's just like a normal top coat, except with a hint of sheer colour. You might've already spotted them at the prestige level: Dior's Nail Glow and YSL's Tie and Dye are other examples of tinted top coats. OPI's range features four shades; you can apply them over existing nail polish to add a new dimension, or wear them alone for a hint of colour and shine on naked nails. How cool.

I swatched these pretties over plain white polish, so you could really get a feel for their true colours. Texture-wise, they totally reminded me of maple syrup when I was applying them. Because they’re so jelly-like, they did leave some teeny bubbles behind—but no biggie.

Be Magentale with Me

Be Magentale with Me makes for a pretty pink when layered over white. I don’t know how this shade would look over other colours, though, as it’s really light. It might enhance a light pink and make it more vibrant, or it could bring a wash of colour to a creamy nude, but I definitely wouldn’t pair this over a dark colour. It would totallyget lost.

Don't Violet Me Down

Don’t Violet Me Down is a purple shade that has a little more punch to it. I love the look of it over white, but I’m finding it hard to imagine over other shades. I think it would get lost over another purple; on pink, I think it would sort of blend in. But this is probably my favourite colour on white—such a soft lilac that’s perfect for spring.

The Skincare Edit Recommends

I Can Teal You Like Me

I Can Teal You Like Me is a vibrant blue that clearly looks great over a neutral colour, like white. It’s nice and bright! I’d imagine it would look great over similar shades, like light grey or nude. Over pink, it should create a subtle hint of purple. Cute!

I'm Never Amberrassed

I’m Never Amberrassed was probably my least favourite. Over white, it makes a flattering baby-yellow colour—but I can’t see this top coat being great on top of much else. I wish they would have made, I don’t know, a light green shade instead. I just don’t see the appeal in yellow-tinted nails!

The Bottom Line

I think this new concept is really interesting, and I'm sure the other big nail brands will follow suit very soon. (Like I said, prestige brands like Dior and YSL are already on it.) Personally, however, I don’t think I’d wear these Sheer Tints on bare nails that often, since (as you can probably guess) I'm not a natural nail girl. And I probably wouldn't be inclined to layer them on top of a white polish either, because if I want a colour on my nails, well, I'll just paint them that colour directly.

I’m also having a hard time imagining these over nail polish shades other than white. I think they’d add some vibrancy when paired with a similar shade, but over a contrasting colour, they'll probably get lost.

But! I think these would look super ah-mah-zing when blended together over a light base, to really bring out the sheer, watercolour-like properties of the polish. I might just have a marbly nail art tutorial up my sleeve in the future.…

Where To Buy

OPI Sheer Tints are available starting this month at professional salons and spas. (Also just spotted them at and!)

Have Your Say

What do you think of the Sheer Tints concept?

Which colour is your favourite?

Any interest in a future tutorial using these shades?

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