My Test-Drive of Paperself's Ultra-Artistic Paper Eyelashes

You might think these false lashes are too pretty to wear, but I did—and here's what happened.

False eyelashes. How do I feel about them? Not that great, considering I’ve only worn them on two occasions in my 23 years (at prom and my brother's wedding), and in the latter instance they became a peely disaster by the time the first course arrived—I was so devastated.

Both times, my faux cils were applied by a profesh while I sat comfortably in a makeup chair. So it's fair to say I’m not that well-versed in applying falsies. But when Michelle proposed I try gluing these teeny, tiny works of paper art onto my eyelids, how I could I say no to something so zany and outright COOL? I obvs could not, so I put on my best Beauty Editor contributor face, and set out to get these lashes on. It couldn't be that hard, right?

Wrong. My attempts at applying these are a bit of a disastrous blur, but I put no blame on Paperself, the awesome company behind the paper (yes, paper!!!) lashes. (It’s my sheer lack of lash-talent that really screwed me with applying them, but more on that in a sec.) First, let me tell you a bit more about them. Paperself is a UK-based company that clearly does things a little differently and a lot more creatively. As the world's leading paper-art brand for lashes, they use special paper, precision cutting techniques and intricate designs to create wearable works of art. Impressively, their designs are even protected by patent and intellectual property right.

Paperself lashes have been worn by Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, and were even worn by Hunger Games character Effie Trinket. And little old me got to try a pair, too! I was sent these beautiful, intricate lashes, called Merry-Go-Round, which feature horses, hearts, parasols and hot-air balloons. Um, cute.

So as I mentioned, I’m less than elegant when it comes to applying false lashes. Luckily, it's as if Paperself knew that, and so they already have a handy little how-to vid.

Like in the video, I prepped my eyelids first by lining them. Then, I had to snip the lashes to fit my eyes.

The lashes come very curved, almost like a cylinder, so I had to gently flatten them out with my fingers.

It really was not easy getting these on. I got lash glue not only all over my eyelids and the eyeliner I'd applied, but also in my eyelashes, causing them to stick together in the most non-beautiful way ever. Talk about a major fail.

I gently peeled them off and re-applied, after working the glue out of my lashes. Because the Paperself lashes are super-delicate, I hardly wanted to grab them to position them on my lid—I felt like they’d crinkle, rip or tear, and I think that’s their biggest downfall. Fortunately, they didn’t, but I felt like one bad move and they would. After breaking a bit of a sweat (literally, I was getting majorly frustrated), I finally got them on my right eye. But then my liner started flaking, and the inner corners of the lashes kept lifting. OMG, right? Right.

But whatever, I had one more eye to do and I was determined to get these pretty little things on. I’m happy to report that eye two went much smoother... although it did take me a good 30 minutes total before I was out of the bathroom, after trying to apply more glue and fix my liner (which also flaked on the second eye). Disclaimer: my eyeliner will most definitely be faulty in these photos, so don't judge.

And you will 100 percent see these lashes lifting off my face, but you still get the idea, nonetheless. I tried, guys.

Once they were on, I thought I looked totally awesome and strange in the best way possible.

They were SO cool, but I was not really used to having tiny horses on my lids. While I would never wear these on, say a girls' night or to paint the town red, I’d definitely rock them for a themed event or Halloween.

The application could’ve gone way smoother, but I blame my completely inexperienced self for that, not the lashes. I'll bet these would become easier to use with practice, or they'd be a breeze for someone who actually knows what they are doing. The concept is absolutely awesome, not to mention unique, and they are amazing to see in person. Mini works of art you can wear—that really is the best thing of all!

Where to buy

Find Paperself lashes at or at the retailers below. (A full list of sellers is available here.) Shu Uemura is also releasing two Paperself designs this month!

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