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Bottoms Up! Sephora's Beauty Spatula is Genius

It's for scooping out every last drop of your beauty products.
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Today in genius beauty innovations: this little puppy from Sephora that will surely surprise and delight you, if you hadn't previously considered the idea of a beauty spatula.

I KNOW. It makes my life. This is so darn cute, I just wanna be six years old again and make my Barbies play with it. (Although at pencil-length, it IS a little long for Barbie to use in the Barbie Kitchen... even if the rubber end is petite.)

Fortunately, it's just the right size to use in your moisturizers, eye creams, foundations and whatnot, either to:

  • transfer them to travel-sized containers before your flight,
  • hygienically scoop out the product on a daily basis instead of using your dirty fingers, or
  • get out every last drop before the end.

You waste less, therefore you save more money. I think any beauty lover needs a beauty spatula in her life, don't you?

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