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OPI's Spotlight on Glitter Collection is the Sparkliest One Yet

If you think glitter is the greatest, these nail polishes are for you!

Glitter is taking over the world, and I have no problem with it. I love a little extra sparkle on my mani—or just an accent nail that shines—and so I'm all over OPI’s newly released Spotlight on Glitter collection. It features six of the company's most popular glitters, so some of them may look a little familiar to you, but if you're a glitter addict like myself, you'll definitely want to stock up.

For these swatches, I decided to do something a little different. Normally, I’d layer glitter polish over a coloured base, but I wanted to see how these shades would turn out alone, over naked nails. And guess what? I kind of love it. New trend, anyone?

You Pink Too Much

You Pink Too Much is described as a rosy glitter set in a shimmery base. It's very pretty in pink, with hexagonal-shaped glitters and a ton of teeny holographic ones throughout. It would go well over almost any nail polish shade, and it doesn’t look too shabby on its own, either.

Desperately Seeking Sequins

Desperately Seeking Sequins is a prismatic glitter on a backdrop of shimmer. I’m obsessed with how holographically awesome this one is, but I’m not really a fan of the bar glitters. (This is just a personal preference, but I find they look like tiny hairs. Anyone else feel the same?) However, the holo effect I can so get with.

Rose of Light

Rose of Light is a rosy gold and rainbow sparkle polish. I can’t get over this one! As you can see, it’s packed with round "baby" glitters, and also has a few holographic squares in it. I'm loving square glitter lately and really like how this one looks on my natural nails. I’d definitely wear this alone.

I Reached My Gold!

I Reached My Gold! features gold confetti in a clear rainbow glitter. So pretty! While I don’t mind this at all on my nude nails, I do think those gold glitters would pop more against a colour. I had to go digging (hehe) for the gold, as they were a bit harder to get on the brush, but it wasn’t too annoying. Just look at that holographic-ness! To die for.

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a rainbow glitter with "pot-of-gold" highlights. And it's perfect. There is literally so much glitter packed in here, I’m questioning how they managed to have room for the clear base, too. With practically one swipe, your entire nail is coated in a multicoloured confetti party. This is my must-have out of the six shades.

Blush Hour

Blush Hour is a super-dense fuchsia glitter. This shade was by far the most opaque, as it’s set in a coloured, jelly base. If you’re looking for something you can wear alone instead of having to layer on top of a coloured base, go for this high-coverage glitter. You really get the best of both worlds here because there’s no need for multiple layers of polish—with a couple of swipes, your mani is done.

Where to buy

The OPI Spotlight on Glitter collection is available starting this month at professional salons and spas.

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